Ten Pilot Week 2018

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Your post makes me wonder what exactly you were expecting that could be done live? I think it is fair Sat night fare. Might catch on over time as a 60 minute show noting it is slightly more adult in nature as an M-rated program and after 40 minutes I can see why it is M.

Seeing the M rating, I also now understand why it is still at 7.30 in SA and WA.



Something a little more fresh and original than the stale old stunts that were pulled on Hey Hey a couple of decades ago. A guest or two worthy of an interview.



I’m enjoying it. Seems to have changed from it’s original premise of young stars singing classics and legends singing new stuff. Ditched for a straight-forward Rove Live type show.

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I didn’t mind it but why do sets have to be so dark now?



And maybe a 50+ audience to go with it…



Overall I’ve enjoyed the show as some light viewing, the quality of the show if it was to be green lit would depend on weekly guests, decent skits and segments and being able to secure popular musical acts to perform live in studio etc.

Also appears the Sandra Sully and Rove skit didnt make the cut tonight, since they went over time so much by about 20 minutes - surely it could’ve just been shown?

Probably to hide certain things, the set is literally just black curtains with some light panels and re purposed tv screens with two round stages.



Thoughts …

Green light:

  • Bring Back Saturday Night
  • Drunk History
  • Dave
  • Taboo


  • Trial by Kyle (axed outright, he is a tool)
  • Disgrace (not for primetime. Dastiyari should be retained with Ten for political coverage with Ten News / Studio 10 / The Project)
  • Kinne Tonight (integrate with a segment on Bring Back Saturday Night)
  • Skit Happens (rubbish)

Not bad to have a 50 percent strike rate.



Out of the 7 shows I watched at least some of (I haven’t seen Dave yet), I could see everything but Skit Happens and Trial By Kyle (alghough that could get a pick-up by the “So bad it’s good logic”) getting a pick up.

So 5/7 overall (again, haven’t seen Dave)

I would acctually like to see Rove’s Saturday Night be bumped to Sunday, to strengthen the post-reality offerings (and to provide alternative to 60 Minutes/Sunday Night), plus there is familiarity with Rove on Sunday night.

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The thing with Saturday Night is it incorporates all the other shows already or could. The sketches of Skit Happens and Kinne, the stand up comedy of Taboo and could easily incorporate Drunk History, Disgrace and Trial by Kyle segments (except that will never happen cause Kyle & Rove hate each other)

Dave is the only show that stands alone in the lineup.

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There was a lot more to Taboo than the stand up



Fuck I’d rather watch roves show on a saturday night instead of ambulance, ncis and all the other rubbish thats been on sat nights. They have used sets that are available in tens studios as screens are screens and the graphics on them can change…incredible!



I don’t mind Saturday Night (definitely has more of a chance than Kinne).

The only problem I found was their topics. Seemed to revolve around pilot week with randoms like tattoos. I know it is supposed to be family-orientared but maybe branch out to touch/mock some of the news that made headlines for the week.

The guests were impressive and the roving reporters were witty and satrical. The VO woman could not be excluded either.

In all, Rove’s show I could definitely watch when I am bored on a Friday/Saturday or even Sunday night.



Good use of limited studio



Will it be on TenPlay?



I think studio size is great. Why hire out a huge studio for 1 day of the week when everything is there at Ten. Not sure if it would more suit at sunday to compete with 60 mins etc but then you have the franchises like masterchef and bachy on those times on a sunday anyway. Considering no other network has a live variety on saturdays this maybe a ratings winner for audiences that tv wants. No point throwing hands up in the air and give up saturday night programming due to lame nobody watches tv on a saturday night…do something to entice people back to live tv on a sat night and might aswell be a hit!



Saturday night

Like it, remember it’s a pilot and they have thrown a lot of prep into one show, not something you can sustain each week

Suggest doing 3 lots of 10 episodes with a gap of 5 weeks in between maybe to try and keep it fresh

Like the fresh talent…who knows they may have found the new Carrie and Peter in that lot…




Judith Lucy.

Only one of this country’s leading female comics.



Kinne was funny throughout. I think I chuckled once or twice during Saturday Night.



Saturday Night was solid but funny in parts. I think it should be picked up for next year.