Ten On-Air Presentation

So Ghosts is continuing in that timeslot? Do they still have the whole season on Paramount+?

The whole season isn’t available because it hasn’t been broadcast yet.

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Oh, I see. Thanks. I just saw all the whingers in the Paramount+ thread complaining that other episodes were there but not the first and assumed it was a whole season.

It’s really odd then that they decided to fast track a show like Ghosts to Ten ehen it will have interruptions during the season. Yet they put their first run Aussie shows on Paramount and then screen them over a year later on Ten. Madness.

Much better than the previous iteration. Hoping to see this expanded further.

Hardly a fair comment and not entirely correct.

Someone there fucked up and made the second episode available on the platform before the first episode had aired on 10 and subsequently been made available on P+. They then removed it once they realised the error.

Typical incompetence from the network.

Perfect summary of events.

Not whinging at all. Just highlighting typical 10 uselessness. :slight_smile:

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Happy 4th anniversary to the current incarnation of 10’s branding. Better known to the MediaSpy community as the day we all broke MediaSpy.


Still probably the best decision made by 10 under CBS ownership,


Not that they were under it for long.


No way?!? I miss Ten :smile:


And an unhappy 2 year and 7 week anniversary to the death of locally-presented news bulletins and the start of 10’s Franken-bulletins.


Very vibrant 80s looking 2023 promo for 10 aired just then. Same style as the one we saw the other day with the semi circles but retro/glow looking

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It’s so satisfying to watch for some reason

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Mmmmmm. Ten! (Droools)


I think this ident aired before.

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10 aired this ident last year.

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“Scan this QR Code now to find out more about The Bachelors; it will really get your heart racing.”


I’m sure it will…

Almost a Christmas ident