Ten On-Air Presentation

I think there are more benefits to associating their primary identity with each multi rather than going back to having independently branded multi’s


Yeah 11 was a well established brand. When you rebrand like that it takes away the identify completely and people have no clue what it is. Let us not forget the whole “BOSS” issue as well…

I never got the reason for “peach” or “boss” . Bold works it has an edgy connotation to it. Peach is a bloody fruit its also a junk channel.

I don’t see any evidence supporting the statement that viewers can’t find 10 Peach - their target audience can - consistently winning their target demo; number one muti last week in all key demo groups. If you can’t find 11 you’d have to say the same thing about 9Gem, Viceland and many others. 10’s multis are pretty easy to find on any band scan. The reason for 10 ditching channel numbers is that there wasn’t a strong connection between 11 and 10. Same reason that Nine rebranded Go! and Gem to bring under the network banner and common brand identity.


The difference being that Go and Gem kept their names and format just with the Nine brand attached to them, 11 and One were fully renamed and reinvented.

10 were right to rebrand them, but you can’t fully compare them with Nine’s rebrand.


The only disadvantage I can think of is 10’s channels aren’t ‘mixed in’ with 7’s and 9’s at the bottom of the list where most viewers are lurking

Movei tie in