Ten On-Air Presentation


Couldn’t agree more, I actually really like her.


Just popping in to say I really miss the old Ten logo.



You’re on your own there.


I’m probably way behind on this, by the new 10 logo looks quite similar to the Channel 5 logo in the UK, and even uses similar style animations - and 5 is owned by Viacom which in turns owns CBS.


Not true. I miss it too… but then again I also still miss this one…



Being a Melbournian, I thought you’d have more affection for the old ATV-0 logos as well as the “10” used between 1980 and 1984 when Ten Melbourne adopted the Sydney Ten logo of the time, TVAU! :slight_smile:

Although that retro “snowflake” TEN logo probably is under appreciated. Like the “X TEN” logo of the late 80s, I wonder a slightly tweaked version is something that could still make for a really good Ident today…


Much prefer the current logo.
Way more modern. The previous one was just so dated.

It might’ve worked if they flattened it a bit and made it similar to the current one but even then I don’t think it would’ve looked as good :slight_smile:


I tend to prefer the previous logo as well. Seeing the current logo just reminds me of their botched, lacklustre relaunch from last year.



Yeah, I agree. Ten’s current logo looks better than their 2012 attempt at flattening their previous logo and turning it yellow.

They must’ve had serious reservations about making it the main logo, because it was never introduced to all elements of the network (Ten News, Ten Sport, Ten Corporate, etc.) and the “royal blue glossy” was evenutally re-instated.


I don’t mean this level of flat.
The current logo has those nice gradients and shadows. The old logo might look good with that level of effect on it.


Viacom and CBS are two seperate companies, they however are both owned by the same parent company National Amusements.


I have affection for ATV’s 1980 to 1984 logo.
Also briefly used by SAS Adelaide.



Another thread going around around and around :joy:


Yeah I do, but the 70s “Ten” is still a favourite even though we never saw it used in Melbourne.


It’s my second favourite Channel Ten logo. First favourite is the 2000s logo, then the 1980-1984, then the X TEN logo of late 1980s. I also miss the snowflake logo (last seen during promos of US drama Life on Mars in 2008).


The X TEN logo of the late eighties was great. Shame Bob Shanks had to come in and ruin everything.



Have to say that '70s logo is still my favourite, too. Loved how it was used in on air presentation back in those days- all the colour and movement. Used to love trying to precisely replicate it. I remember learning about roman numerals in primary school and finally realising the significance of the ten "X"s around the circle.

I liked the new logo when I first saw it but feel it has already been tarnished by some of the garbage programming it has been attached to. They really should have kept the old logo and given it a fresh treatment. At least viewers have a connection to it. There’s a whole generation now that grew up with it and associate that logo with happy childhood memories watching The Simpsons, Big Brother, Idol and all the other youth targeted programming Ten was showing when they were kicking goals.


It’s funny how I never really saw them as Xs and didn’t realise the connection until many years later. Probably after the big X logo was adopted. :joy:

I just thought it was a pattern and there just had to be 10 of them for Ten.


Noticed a couple of new idents last night during IAC. one with Amanda & Grant dancing for DWTS and another one with the project team (and all new filmed footage this time). They looked good.


I still have a fondness for this logo too, despite it not being the best of times for Network 10.