Ten News First Content and Appearance

Christian Hull joined Studio 10 from the old Brisbane set last week. Surprised it’s still there.



I remember someone posting the same thing a year or so ago. At least it’s all in tact and functional.


Why would they demolish or dismantle it though, just to be left with an empty studio?

The space is there, they’re not moving off the mountain anytime soon so may as well just leave it as is.

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10 News just reported on their midday bulletin about the world record pizza that has been made.
It was under the banner of “new today” … but I saw that story a couple of days ago, perhaps on Sunrise?

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I saw the pizza world record online a few days a go. Not a new record. Surely that’s suited for Studio 10, and not the news itself…

there will always be oddball stories like that thrown into the news, especially daytime bulletins


Plan at some point was to move newsroom crosses into there to get around the audio issues…

Guess it finally happened.

IIRC the Brisbane and Perth sets are still there. The Adelaide one was removed when they moved.

I hate it when news production moves to another city and then moves into a smaller location. What happens if they want to do news from that city again but there is no room for a set?

If they need room for a set, they’ll find a way to make room.

When Adelaide moved from Strangways Terrace to Wakefield Street the new (now old) studio only had space for sport and weather crosses until they retro-fit a set into the space for the News “Revolution” in 2011.

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The three people don’t make that much noise.


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