Ten News First Content and Appearance

I beg to differ. They’ve also got the likes of Narelda Jacobs, Chris Bath (on a freelance basis), Lachlan Kennedy, Ursula Heger etc who are more than capable. Yes they’ve lost quite a few like Tarsh Belling but otherwise they’ve still got some depth.


Narelda isn’t much help for 5pm news now. But yes, Lachlan and Ursula are top reporters/presenters too. Lachlan a good guy too!

While a physical desk and a bit of a studio would be nice extra touch, honestly, I think they pull it off very well without it. There are enough live crosses and variety of presentation in the bulletin to keep it interesting without focusing on a studio/desk though I do find no desk shot in the bulletin opener a little weird.

Also, perhaps the green screen set up will allow them to replicate presentation in Adelaide when/if Kate happens to be presenting there. Not sure what they’d do with Max in that situation though - send him to present sport on location somewhere perhaps.

On a general note - great to see the Adelaide team both presenters and behind the scenes still have it - what an easy to watch and enjoyable bulletin tonight compared to the past few years. I initially wasn’t convinced about Tiffany as a choice of host but her on location weather really makes the bulletin.

1000 times better, more watchable product now for both Adelaide and Melbourne bulletins… hopefully it translates into results for them.


Only speculation, but I can see Kate returning to Adelaide at some point in the future with her husband, Its more about 10 investing and upgrading the facility there. As someone pointed out above, its estimated to be 100/200k investment to return full presentation back locally.

Hopefully Brisbane will be the networks next focus. Especially with the Olympics.

Neither less, well done 10 for the improvement in Melbourne and Adelaide last night.

This was to do with upgrading the existing Brisbane studio which I assume is still filled with aging equipment


Ratings - Melbourne was the big winner - Adelaide not so much.


So many people banging on about Adelaide needing a local edition and then when they get one, the ratings drop. Maybe they would be prefer a national or combined Melbourne/Adelaide edition. :wink:

Dude… it’s the first night… :roll_eyes:


Give it time… but a lot of members have previously stated that the damage may have already been done and its going to be very difficult come back from the past 2 years.


It’s a coincidence that Melbourne had high ratings. For the everyday viewer Melbourne’s bulletin would’ve seemed almost identical to last week.
Adelaide will take time to find its groove. As I mentioned yesterday they’ll need to promote the hell out of it to gain traction and find their lost viewers.


I don’t know if viewers even know that it’s back on considering their promotions have been very lean but I definitely know that viewers hate the ‘local’ edition combined with Melbourne news, with ratings crashing almost immediately when Adelaide news moved to Melbourne.

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Mate, 10 put the minimal effort into promoting it here, so no wonder no one tuned in when not many would’ve been aware. Last night 9 were on location for their 5pm news, which is a somewhat new initiative they’ve been doing during the warmer months.


So a deliberate strategy to keep people from going back to 10. Going to be hard to compete with that but hopefully 10 build an audience with time.

The news on 10 is on at the wrong damn time of night. They’re outgunned at 5pm in some markets now.

I wouldn’t want to see them exit the 5pm local market but they could do worse than trialing a local news at 8 or 9pm, after the main show of the evening, but they won’t.

Don’t bring up the 9pm late news!!! :joy:

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Just out of interest is Kate Freebairn well known to audiences in Adelaide?

One thing is that viewers seemed to like the new Adelaide bulletin based on the audience for the 6pm part being only slightly lower than the 5pm hour which is unusual (I know long bow!).


She’s been presenting/reporting for 10 for quite some time and is the only familiar face left from before the cuts so she should be fairly well known.

Doesn’t have the radio cross promotion factor that Bec used to have but, then again, both Max and Tiff cross promote on radio.

So she’s barely known to the average viewer?

Currently Jennifer Keyte would be more recognisable in Adelaide than Kate.They definitely need to promote her.