Ten News Centralisation 2020

This is stunning - according to TV Blackbox:

Amongst the changes announced will be the centralisation of all news to Sydney and Melbourne.

TV Blackbox can confirm all three presenters in the Brisbane newsroom were told this morning they would no longer have jobs.

The Brisbane and Perth news services will be read from Sydney and Adelaide will be read from Melbourne.


Huge news!


Absolutely Shocking.


Holy shit.
This is literally 2017 but its actually happening.

Absolutely shocking. Like, really, really shocking.
And to lose the Brisbane team. Georgina Lewis is a gold star presenter.

I guess I was right that changes were coming. But not like this.

Also of note:

We will move to a national weekday weather model which will encompass local and national weather forecasts. A new national meteorologist will be announced soon.

This is just as bad. Does that mean all the weather presenters are out of a job? Mike Larkin??


Oh not this again. Moving presentation to other studios is terrible. They use to do that and it was a disaster.


Ten always does this. Starts off with something good and then they manage to stuff things up!


National Weather Model? WTF is that? Looks like Tim Bailey might finally get the flick. Pre-recorded weather segments suck and there is no interaction with the newsreader.

Where will the Brisbane bulletin be read from? Not the main set as the Sydney bulletin is on air at that time.



This is terrible :frowning:

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Sad day for the Aussie TV industry :slightly_frowning_face:


How many studios do ATV10 have again? Two or three?

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You would have to wonder why all presenters in Queensland would be let go as there is still a need for someone to read the bulletin from Sydney. It suppose it will be someone like Natasha.


How are they logistically going to do news for Brisbane and Perth and Sydney all from the one studio? Seems like a lot more work than less IMO?

Interested to see how they do Adelaide out of Melbourne…? I believe the 3rd studio was converted to the control room and Melbourne only have x2 studios?

Wonder if this means the 6pm half of the bulletin is gone nationally?

Well, there goes the best commercial news bulletin.


According to the Nine newspapers, it seems like combined bulletins will be coming out of Sydney & Melbourne rather than separate bulletins being done for each city:

From Monday, September 14, newsreader Sandra Sully will present a 90-minute bulletin at 5pm to viewers in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth while Jennifer Keyte will anchor a combined Melbourne and Adelaide bulletin.

Matt Burke will anchor sports coverage in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth while Stephen Quartermain will present sport in Melbourne and Adelaide. Sports reporters Jonathan Williams in Brisbane and Tim Gossage in Perth will take on expanded roles.


Surely Georgina will be snapped up by 9 or 7. She is arguably the best newsreader on QLD commercial television. In saying that, there are no vacant positions that I can think of at either QTQ or BTQ that would utilise her well. Such a sad day.


SMH reporting Brisbane and Sydney will be combined.
Adelaide and Melbourne will be combined.

Mass redundancies of presenters (in Presenters thread)


How are these combined bulletins going to work? Delayed news into Adelaide from a Melbourne combined bulletin and in daylight savings time delayed news into Brisbane. How bad is that? Sounds like the final nail in the coffin for local news on 10. Not long until full national bulletins all week.


Sounds like Brisbane & Perth are going to be a combined bulletin, Presented by Sandra Sully, while Melbourne & Adelaide will be combined and presented by Jenifer Keyte. Hopefully Perth will still be separate due to the time difference.

Wow. Almost the case Ten should give up on news? It’s taken them years to get to this point and then the axe swings again. I really don’t understand it?

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