Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

10 promo for their ‘free’ drama line up.

Also note that Elsbeth is listed as ‘coming soon’.

That is a stupid meaningless promo.

Nonetheless Elsbeth is great. I’ve nearly finished season 1 on P+. They’re done a great job taking a minor character from Good Wife and fleshing out the character.


Elsbeth is great

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I liked it, but felt the schtick got a bit old after a few episodes.

Hi, I saw on a TV guide that this has been moved to 4pm-5pm on Sat the 15th of June,

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It’s confirmed by online guides.

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Sorry thought it was a new series.

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In a late scheduling change, Late News will be shown on 10 Bold at 10.30pm tonight in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Interestingly Y&R is now gone from Binge even though it’s still on Foxtel.

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It’s still there for me, and says “Expires 30th June”?

Gone from mine! Weird

Still there for me too.

Also seen on air


No mention of FBI or NCIS: Hawaii.

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It’s just referring to shows currently seen on-air and coming soon, no?

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Well, 10 has the third (and probably final) season of NCIS: Hawaii ready to air.

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and Fire Country… and FBI: Most Wanted… and rest of FBI season…and Blue Bloods… and CSI: Vegas… and So Help Me Todd

I think the promo was about the current crop plus adding in Esbeth as coming soon


It appears the Binge search function is broken. It doesn’t let you search for any program.

Is this how you were looking for The Young and the Restless?

I’d say it’s still on your Binge then.


Still no Days on 10, news?

This deal is no good for older viewers. They’ve gone from being 5 days behind on Foxtel to now at least 3 weeks behind. Why isn’t 10 showing it yet?

Has it actually been said anywhere DOOL and Y&R would air on FTA?