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###Discussion of Ten’s scheduling

Thread on old forums

Ten On-Air Presentation

###Week commencing 3 January 2016

Sunday 3 January
Big Bash Game 18 Brisbane Heat v Sydney Thunder

Monday 4 January
06:00 PM Family Feud RETURN
06:30 PM The Project RETURN
Big Bash Game 19 Hobart Hurricanes v Melbourne Renegades

Tuesday 5 January
Big Bash Game 20 Adelaide Strikers v Perth Scorchers

Wednesday 6 January
Big Bash Game 21 Melbourne Stars v Hobart Hurricanes

Thursday 7 January
Big Bash Game 22 Sydney Thunder v Perth Scorchers

Friday 8 January
Big Bash Game 23 Brisbane Heat v Adelaide Strikers

Saturday 9 January
Big Bash Game 24 Melbourne Renegades v Melbourne Stars

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###Week commencing 10 January 2016

Sunday 10 January
Afternoon Big Bash Game 25 Hobart Hurricanes v Perth Scorchers
Prime Time Big Bash Game 26 Sydney Sixers v Brisbane Heat

Monday 11 January
Big Bash Game 27 Sydney Thunder v Melbourne Renegades

Tuesday 12 January
07:30 PM Territory Cops
08:30 PM NCIS
09:30 PM NCIS Los Angeles

Wednesday 13 January
Big Bash Game 28 Adelaide Strikers v Hobart Hurricanes

Thursday 14 January
Big Bash Game 29 Melbourne Stars v Brisbane Heat

Friday 15 January
07:30 PM The Living Room
08:30 PM The Graham Norton Show
09:30 PM Joel Creasey’s Comedy Offensive

Saturday 16 January
Prime time double header
Big Bash Game 30 Sydney Sixers v Sydney Thunder
Big Bash Game 31 Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Stars

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Wonder why ten aren’t fast tracking American crime story? It premieres feb 2 so could air here February 3.

Could’ve had a massive promotional push throughout the big bash. But of course we have heard nothing from the muppets at ten.


I thought the Muppets were on Seven. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would there be enough room in the schedule, to air the show. Potentially not. Like where???


What else do ten have to air?

Surely there would be room somewhere in the schedule. They mentioned it airing at the upfronts in feb. I can’t possibly see what they are airing on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays at 8:30 at the moment. One of those will probably be the X Files which means it will not be fast tracked which is a pity.

I agree CMO I’m not sure why ten haven’t promoted this better during the big bash. Maybe they know something we don’t. Or maybe they are just being lazy and just putting their eggs into two baskets (X Files and I’m a Celeb). I do think they should try harder at 8:30.


They could air it 8:30 Thursday’s. They have nothing for those slots it seems.


Knowing how predictable ten is the following will probably occur

Sunday - X Files
Monday - American Crime Story
Tuesday - NCIS
Wednesday - Madam Secretary
Thursday - Law and Order SVU

If ten were at all smart they would fast track X Files and not have nearly a whole week of the previous episode of X Files airing in the US. This is what they should do.

Sunday - NCIS
Monday - Madam Secretary (although where ever this goes it will dish up piss poor figures under 400k)
Tuesday - X Files
Wednesday - American Crime Story
Thursday - Law and Order SVU

That way American Crime and X Files are fast tracked the same day as the US.


But Ten have created theme nights and this schedule will just throw all of that out the window.


Have those themed nights really worked?


This is the FX trailer


Debatable, but Tuesday’s have always been NCIS nights. I read an interview with Beverley McGarvey recently saying they pride themselves in sticking to time slots so viewers knew where their favourite shows were. I don’t see them drastically changing their shows across different nights for the benefit of one or two shows which may not perform very well / or so the same if not similar numbers.


NCIS and Madam Secretary aren’t fast tracked as it is, so they may as well just hold them off until X Files and ACS are finished (they are both short run series).

Season one of Under The Dome aired on Tuesday, so Tuesdays have not always been exclusively NCIS night.


But NCIS doesn’t perform that well anyway. Madam secretary the same? Why give a show that barely manages 400k so much good treatment?


Ten better start getting with the times.

They would have any problems if they just fast tracked everything.


You’re dreaming if you think fast tracking would solve all of Ten’s problems. You don’t get it. Australians have gone off American shows. They won’t work even if tjey are shown live.


Your right but ten are the ones persisting on showing them. US programs belong on multichannels. However ten are using their US titles to headline most nights. So to keep viewers happy and maybe get an extra 50k in viewers they should be fast tracking.