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If my post gave the impression that I was blaming CBS for it at the time, I wasn’t. What I was saying , for Ten there has been too much instability in the 6pm til 7:30pm slot to find an audience beyond those that like the structure of The Project.

The mass exodus at The Project last year could have given it an opportunity to refresh the whole show, but it has failed to capitalise on the changes.

In reality, I would have loved to see Ten starting their evening viewing at 6:30pm with perhaps a family friendly reality vehicle which could be encored mid evening on 10Peach. Ten could have screened something like The Project after 8:30pm to limit sensorhip.

I think the 7:30pm timeslot through the week will be a reality battlefield with at least 1 loser. I think even ABC is too afraid to try something different to a current affairs show at 7:30pm. I know they have had a news and current affairs hour from 7pm for decades, but no one is game enough to move away from reality shows Sunday to Wednesday each week.

Quick question: Am I missing something or has Ten channels dropped Judge Judy from the schedule starting next week?

Looks like Neighbours has displaced it, Ten again running it twice each weekday, another cheap budget move rather than increasing the variety of their main channel schedule by having both.

4pm on Friday according to TV Week.

Week commencing 24 September 2023


Big night of season finales on Wednesday, September 27.

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So Five Bedrooms gets pushed back to a later timeslot and So Help Me Todd is a late night show now. :weary:


Has anyone even been watching it?

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I don’t even think Todd has been watching it.

I have. It’s a comedy drama which is similar in style to shows like Castle, Moonlighting and Remington Steele except in this case the protagonists are a mother and son. I’ve always enjoyed comedy drama shows like this. David E. Kelly did the best ones though like The Practice, Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal etc.


Ten clearly doesn’t have much love for it, I’ve not come across a single promo for it. Ten’s promos are too fixated on reality and 7.30 shows.


This is the biggest problem with the networks. They would have been advertising The Traitors or The Masked Singer in every commercial break across every day and week, but never run a promo for Five Bedrooms or So Help Me Todd. How are viewers supposed to find any other shows when they’re not promoted?

I only knew about SHMT from seeing a story about it on Entertainment Tonight. Luckily I saw one promo for it on Ten the night before it started, so set my recorder for it.


No. From the title I just assumed it was a show where people ask Todd Sampson for help with some aspect of their lives.


It does sound like some reality or reality send up show. Remember the SBS series Life Support and Brendan Cowell (later Duncan Fellows) playing Todd.

Edit: Before anyone dismisses this was a possibility just think of other attempts at reviving ideas or taking other networks discards (other than Neighbours) - Good News Week, Dancing with the Stars, Family Feud, A Country Practice to name a few

Forum readers should have had a pretty good idea of what the show was about as a synopsis or each episode has been posted every week since the pilot episode.

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I need a magnifying glass to read the small print

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Week commencing 24 September 2023


Sunday 24 September
06:30 pm The Sunday Project
07:30 pm Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia Rpt
08:30 pm FBI S05 E14
09:30 pm NCIS: Hawai’i Rpt
10:30 pm Five Bedrooms Rpt
11:30 pm The Sunday Project Rpt

Monday 25 September
06:30 pm The Project
07:30 pm The Masked Singer Australia S05 E03
08:45 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? S11 E20 Lizzy Hoo, Glenn Robbins, Hayley Sproull, Guy Montgomery and Sam Pang
09:45 pm The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers Rpt
10:15 pm FBI: Most Wanted Rpt
11:05 pm The Project Rpt
12:00 am The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Tuesday 26 September
06:30 pm The Project
07:30 pm Shark Tank S05 E05
08:40 pm The Cheap Seats S03 E21
09:40 pm NCIS Rpt
10:30 pm NCIS: Hawai’i Rpt
11:30 pm The Project Rpt
12:30 am The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Wednesday 27 September
06:30 pm The Project
07:30 pm Thank God You’re Here S05 E08 Season 5 Finale
08:30 pm The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers S01 E07
09:00 pm The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers S01 E08 Season 1 Finale
09:30 pm Five Bedrooms S03 E08 Season 3 Finale
10:30 pm So Help Me Todd S01 E16
11:30 pm The Project Rpt
12:30 am The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Thursday 28 September
06:30 pm The Project
07:30 pm Gogglebox Australia S18 E07
08:30 pm Michael Hing - Long Live The Hing Special
09:40 pm The Cheap Seats Rpt
10:40 pm Law and Order Rpt
11:35 pm Law and Order Rpt
12:30 am The Project Rpt
01:30 am The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Friday 29 September
06:30 pm The Project
07:30 pm Have You Been Paying Attention? Rpt
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
09:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
10:30 pm TBA
11:40 am The Project Rpt
12:40 am The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Saturday 30 September
06:00 pm Luxury Escapes S06 E05
06:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
07:00 pm The Dog House Australia Rpt
08:00 pm Thank God You’re Here Rpt
09:00 pm Movie: Mission Impossible (1996)
11:00 pm The Cheap Seats Rpt

:clock2: Daylight Savings begins in some markets.

More program details here.


A morning schedule update:

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 aired a Neighbours repeat at 9.00am.

As of this morning, the Neighbours repeat was moved to 7.30am, with a Judge Judy repeat now airing at 9am. Good Chef Bad Chef (repeat) that aired at 7.30am is now out of the schedule.

The new run episodes of Neighbours at 4.30pm hasn’t set the ratings world on fire either, being beaten by Bold and the Beautiful which airs before hand at 4pm. Am hoping it remains at 4.30pm for a few more weeks, before that is also given a bump.


Week commencing 1 October 2023

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Still a decent amount of local content there, but they really should have something new for Sunday nights. Graham Norton doesn’t really cut it in a prime slot like that nowadays which really should be a launchpad for the rest of the week.


October 1 is the night of the NRL Grand Final, so 10 is marking time by scheduling Graham Norton on that night. I am sure The Masked Singer will also air on Sundays from October 8.