Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Thank you.

I don’t understand why this thread continues to go in circles even after the CBS buyout.


I think everyone wants to see ten get back in the game :yum::yum:


I don’t understand why people would want to see them fail. We’d end up with a total monopoly of Seven and Nine and that would just be boring.


It’s basically that now. :stuck_out_tongue:


See, here’s the thing. I personally don’t want to see Network Ten to fail. Having three successful commercial television networks is good for viewers, good for the industry and to some extent, even good for Australian democracy (when it comes to things like news coverage, etc.). I’m also sure there are many people at Ten who do good things both in front of the camera & behind the scenes.

But upper level management deserve to be criticised. From what I can tell, they seem to be the ones who’ve continued to make ridiculous, money wasting decisions in recent years to the detriment of Ten which likely either would’ve died or become a WIN or News Corp entity if CBS didn’t become the network’s knight in shining armour!

Boring? I personally would’ve said dangerously uncompetitive, similar to what the supermarket landscape is (or at least was until the relatively recent rise of Aldi as a major player) like with Coles & Woolworths.

Anyway, since this thread is supposed to be about the programming/scheduling of Network Ten I personally wouldn’t say their Summer programming lineup has been particularly appealing and although they’re to be commended for airing I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! a few weeks earlier than usual, I still think it’ll probably struggle against the cricket & tennis.

I mean, just last night they re-ran Happy Feet and the most recent main channel airing prior to that was only in September! :open_mouth:


I chuckle each time I read this thread. Ya’ll expect the magic bullet, 9 months after they lost the cricket, losing the entire December, January and February schedule…

The 50 weeks of programming starts Jan 13, not in the middle of Christmas/New Year down time when hardly anyone is around.

And you can not compare 10 of 2011 - mid 2017 with 10 of end 2017 - now… as there are two very different business models in play.

Good television is very rarely launched with less than a year of the initial concept, so from Jan 13 it’ll be very interesting whether viewers will resonate.


And the final piece of the puzzle to this endless circle is you coming in and defending 10.

From Jan 13, which is I’m a Celeb, has been on for a few years now so we kinda know how it’ll resonate…

Unless they have other surprises from Jan 13 that we don’t know about, it’ll be same old 10.


Since it went mainstream into stores the infomercials seem to have vanished, similar to the George Foreman Grill, so I’m not expecting any Magic Bullet shows on Ten’s SpreeTV.


I’m not convinced anything that was revealed at Ten’s upfronts will be the magic bullet, or even the magic BB gun pellet, that will save them. I suspect they’ll be shooting blanks throughout 2019. I don’t expect anything to change until there’s a clean out on the scale of the bloodbath currently taking place at Today. Sorry if that sounds harsh or overly dramatic but I don’t have any confidence in the ability of the current team to lift Ten out of the doldrums based on what they’ve delivered since CBS took over.




dont think I did any defending there, unless you’re placing bias on my post based on my other posts on this forum.

All I’m saying is that many on this forum seem to have these great expectations from Ten,

a) over Christmas,
b) less than 10 months after they lost their entire summer prime time schedule.


Your missing the point entirely.

No one is talking about loosing the cricket, we are talking about the network as a whole.

I’m just curious that if we have the same conversation at the end of 2019 what excuses you’ll have then?

The network is a failure. Hasn’t changed at all since the new owners. Same old, same old.

That’s it from me on the subject. The numbers speak for themselves.


43 BBL/12 WBBL games was their entire summer schedule? Ouch.


Bloody hell people…7 and 9’s schedules over the festive break have been bleak too! And @lexington is right…the whole 50 week programming thing starts next year!


But at least theirs wins. Since when did 10 last win a night in ratings?

Goes to show that even when no one watches TV, those who do won’t watch 10. So no amount of spin is going to make 10 look good.


I don’t think anyone does want them to fail, I think most people making comments here want Ten to be competitive again. Some comments here are repetitive and some are hyperbolic, but they have no negative intentions at all.



I haven’t watched much on Ten lately besides The Project, but I’m a Celebrity is about the only show I’ve seen them promote.

The Project is also about the only thing anyone has watched on Ten lately


IMO it’s iust not the right time to launch celebrity. Would benefit from more radio chat etc about it. I say bring it back in November so most aren’t on holidays.


Even channel surfers will see I’m a Celeb promoted on the watermark