Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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This guy must be living under a rock! Ive seen numerous promos for this show!


I see one every time I turn to 10, 10 Boss and 10 Peach. At least one every night during Neighbours too.


I think there are people bagging 10 just for the sake of it to get attention on these forums.


I am, because that’s what happened.


yes, when it’s on every single night… and double headers on a few days too.



Okay, fair enough.

Let’s just agree to come back in a few months time after 10 have launched their new 50 week thing and their new programs (I’m a Celeb, Dancing with the Stars, Changing Rooms etc) and if the ratings are still low then you will just have to accept that it’s not good enough. And if they improve the shares, we will accept they’re improving lol.


I’m optimistic, but also a realist…


Prime time- 37 BBL and 1 WBBL. Rest are out of prime time. Even then, the final was only partially in prime time.

Anyway, I’m tired of the whole discussion. Personally, 10’s scheduling and programming stinks.


Allow me to be honest for a moment. I’m actually planning to watch those programs I listed above. I believe I’m a Celeb has had its day but I’ll still be watching. I’m not critical or negative because I hate 10, I just believe they are playing it safe by renewing low rating content and commissioning two programs that have had their day on other networks. They used to be the innovators with Big Brother, Australian Idol and MasterChef. You could even say 10 brought real family viewing back in 2001 to Australian homes but they haven’t done anything innovative since MasterChef in 2009. We all remember that was a massive, massive risk. A cooking show, 5 nights a week in primetime. Everyone thought it would be the death of them but it was a stoke of genius. That’s the 10 we need right now. That’s the 10 they need to strive to be. Not this playing it safe and commissioning known product that may work again.

I’d actually use and abuse Home and Away’s ratings decline and bring their reality and family viewing back to 7pm. The Project can stay for 30 minutes. Start MasterChef etc at 7pm again.


Innovators? Hang on a minute, weren’t all three of those formats you mentioned successfully running (in some form or another) overseas before Ten made them their own for the Australian market?


Obviously I mean to Australian audiences. :roll_eyes:


Even so, they were pretty good with original Australian content too like Thank God You’re Here, Talkin’ Bout your Generation and recently Have You Been Paying Attention.


Masterchef is an Australian format isn’t it?


I believe it originated in the UK?


From wikipedia:
MasterChef is a BBC television competitive cooking show. It initially ran between 1990 and 2001 and was later revived in a different format known as MasterChef Goes Large from 2005 onwards. In 2008, the “Goes Large” part of the name was dropped, but the format remains identical.


What do you think Pilot Week was? They are scheduling those shows this year :+1:


The original concept began on the BBC but I believe it was Ten’s upscaling of the format that triggered further adaptations overseas.

I remember seeing the original on BBC when visiting the UK after Christmas 2008, and knowing that Ten had picked it up for 2009 I was thinking this is going to be yawnsville for Ten five nights a week. But to their credit they totally took it into “shiny floor” territory.

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Lets be honest none of those shows are going to be ratings hits.


Ten: Creates pilot week, green lights a swag of new shows