Ten Network - Programs and Schedules

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Anyway, lol, back to the point.

10 just don’t know what they’re doing. In general. It will take something massive to bring them back. Even blowing it up and changing the logo did nothing. I don’t have the answer but I can’t see them ever competing with Nine and Seven ever again in this current landscape with so many other viewing options.

First step would be Beverly McGarvey. She’s had long enough in her role. She’s gotta go.


I agree 100% with you but I think I will give them a get out of jail free card this summer. If this is the case next summer then excuses are off the table. I would like to see them launch I’m a Celebrity in late November and run through until just before Christmas. This would provide new content for the beginning of summer. Then I would like to see them launch Big Brother or Bachelor in Paradise beginning of January to run through until Masterchef begins in May.


I’m going to get nailed for this but I’d love to see Australian Idol back somewhere. It was a major program back in the day and would surely bring some viewers back. Of course, the host and judging panel would have to be perfect.

It was the one show where the whole country could get involved in. With their auditions all around Australia and such. It’s what we need right now.


Your comment is very general some people can’t go outdoors for numerous reasons. Take into consideration numerous people with mental health issues, the elderly etc .

I agree with the sentiment Ten has had enough time to fix their summer schedule they haven’t done so. Problem is Ten is Hemeraging money which makes it impossible to get any decent programming back on any of their crap channels.


I genuinely believe the only answer is sport. They need sport.

It’ll take a while but they need AFL back. Would be a good start and would give them momentum leading into summer.


I don’t think sport is necessary the answer to fill the complete schedule but yes they need sport to fill half the schedule problem is what can they get ? AFL , nrl and cricket are taken. They have only the shit pile to pick from.


I am not sure about this one to be honest. Only because there is an obviously dislike for singing competitions at the moment.


The elderly aren’t in Ten’s target demo.


Very few animated shows are broadcast live as it’s a terrible strain on the animators’ wrists.


To be fair, the elderly will soon be just about the only people (aside from us enthusiasts, of course) watching terrestrial TV though, as Ten’s target demographic is probably more likely to watch Netflix and YouTube in 2019.


But don’t the elderly just catch up with other elderly people and play bingo and knit??


At this rate they’ll need to do that again in 18 months considering what a spectacular failure it has been so far. Wouldn’t be the first time. Let’s see if “10 TV with a twist” lasts longer than “10 TV Australia”.


Agreed the elderly aren’t the target.


Well I was making a point yes I agree the elderly isn’t the target for ten.
But you see my point right. I’m sure the demo is between 18 and 49.

They are competing with the likes of Netflix, Stan and YouTube and other on demand services which offer far more better content. Ten cannot compensate for that.


I thought it was between 25 and 54.


Ten have said they are going back to targeting younger demos again.


Can’t we all agree that 10 is in dire strait in terms of programming ATM? I get it that they rely heavily on BBL in the past but so far their promise of 50 weeks of ‘Premium Programming’ is anything but. Every program they’ve been airing in Summer is unwatchable and no wonder their shares and revenues are going down the drain. Heck, I don’t even think most of their programs are worth watching for more than 50 days, let alone weeks.

It’s arguable that despite CBS ownership, 10’s programming has become far worse and that they’re in a worse shape before CBS ownership and are lagging further behind Seven and Nine.


Yep, I agree. If 2019 is another dire year in the ratings for Ten 10, surely the big wigs from CBS in New York will have to push for major managerial changes to be made in Sydney?


I feel like this thread is on repeat every few months or is it weeks? The same people just saying the same things. Can we just comment on the programs and schedules? Move on, people.


Someone needs a kick up the butt. If 10 wont survive in 2019 during primetime, then Beverley McGarvey will more likely get the sack and Paul Anderson will resign in late 2019. They literally just turn things from bad to worse.

  1. 10 Lost rights to BBL.
  2. All they have during the Xmas and New Year Period is nothing but having the project show on every weeknights. The ratings fail to crack top 20.
  3. Having game of games during non-ratings period. People are getting bored of the repeats over and over again.