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If there are, list them in the TV History thread. This is the Ten scheduling thread.


Ten will again show the Australia Day Concert

Friday 26 January at 7:30pm

Live from the Sydney Opera House, the line-up so far announced includes

Anthony Callea
Marcia Hines
Christine Anu
Guy Sebastian
John Paul Young
Casey Donovan
Dami Im

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Surprised a network like ten are still doing the australia day concert.


Week commencing 21 January 2018

Sunday 21 January
06:30 pm David Attenborough’s Africa
07:30 pm Bull S2 Ep12
08:30 pm Wisdom of the Crowd S1 Ep12 and 13
10:30 pm Elementary Rpt
11:30 pm 48 Hours

Monday 22 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 35: Melbourne Renegades V Adelaide Striker
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Madam Secretary Rpt

07:30 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt
08:30 pm Madam Secretary x 2 Rpt

Tuesday 23 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 36: Sydney Sixers V Melbourne Stars
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Bull S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie’s Comfort Food Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS Rpt
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt
10:30 pm Bull S1 Rpt

Wednesday 24 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 37: Sydney Thunder V Melbourne Renegades
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Rpt
08:30 pm Hawaii Five-O x 2 Rpt
10:30 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

Thursday 25 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 38: Perth Scorchers V Adelaide Strikers
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

07:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:00 pm Travels With The Bondi Vet Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt
09:30 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

Friday 26 January
07:30 pm Australia Day Concert 2018 Premiere
09:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S22 Ep3
10:30 pm Cram! Rpt

Saturday 27 January
Per / Ade / Bris / AEDT
12:05 / 02:05 / 02:35 / 03:05 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 39: Melbourne Stars V Hobart Hurricanes
04:15 / 06:15 / 07:45 / 07:15 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 40: Brisbane Heat V Melbourne Renegades
08:00 / 10:00 / 10:30 / 11:00 pm Cram Rpt


09:00 pm TBA
11:00 pm 48 Hours

For details of :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash coverage see local guides and Ten Cricket Coverage

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They seem to be promoting to change the date on many of their shows…

If Tripple j can stop the top 100 on Australia Day others can follow suit.

it will only create more division in the wider community, and besides is Triple J really that mainstream after all

Considering it’s the 2nd or 3rd rated radio station in all markets in the 25-39 demographic, I think it’s pretty mainstream…


Are they “promoting to change the date” of Australia Day or just covering the news about it? I don’t think they’re about to make a massive political statement by refusing to screen the concert on that day. Most of Australia is still celebrating Australia Day in the same way it has been.

According to Foxtel online guide, Ten this Sunday will be showing all new double episode of Bull at 7.30 with the second one airing hours before the US. At 9.30pm, a brand new double episode of Wisdom of the Crowd
UPDATE: it seems that the online guide was wrong and that only 1 episode of Bull will air at 7.30 followed by Wisdom of the Crowd at 8.30

Sounds like a ratings bonanza. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fast tracking won’t save either of those shows from rating terribly and giving SBS tbe opportunity to beat Ten again.


Bull is a good program. But it isn’t an anchor.

Well, it’s sinking like an anchor and weighing the network down. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This rated like 300k last year, albeit agaist tough competition from the tennis and cricke t.

and the cricket Luke

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That lowest 4.9 last Sunday could be beaten this Sunday with that rubbish schedule. Do they not have anyone who can think outside the box with programming? Something like The Ghan.

hang on a sec… you’re expecting Ten to schedule creative programs from an empty cupboard?


…in summer.