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Appeared on Netflix a week or so ago , does this mean anything?

Does this normally happen? Zoo part of CBS and CBS distribution so should still air on Ten

unless Ten passed on the first run rights… to save $$


Am hoping we’ll see a resolution to the 20th Television stalemate soon.

Not all programming from Fox was terminated, Ten are still airing their films from the Regency Enterprises back-catalogue deal.

Such a vacant space on the network at the moment, particularly Eleven.

Am conscious rival networks may be circling.

Couldn’t see this mentioned or posted anywhere, but first look at Seal Team coming soon which first aired on the 2nd Jan.

Week commencing 14 January 2018

Sunday 14 January
06:30 pm David Attenborough’s Africa
07:30 pm Bull S2 Ep11
08:30 pm Wisdom of the Crowd S1 Ep10 and 11
10:30 pm Elementary Rpt
11:30 pm 48 Hours

Monday 15 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 29: Hobart Hurricanes V Brisbane Heat
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Madam Secretary Rpt

07:30 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt
08:30 pm Madam Secretary x 2 Rpt

Tuesday 16 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 30: Melbourne Stars V Sydney Sixers
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Bull S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie’s Comfort Food Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS Rpt
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt
10:30 pm Bull S1 Rpt

Wednesday 17 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 31: Adelaide Strikers V Hobart Hurricanes
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Rpt
08:30 pm Hawaii Five-O x 2 Rpt
10:30 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

Thursday 18 January
07:30 pm :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 32: Sydney Sixers V Brisbane Heat
10:10/10:40/11:10 pm Blue Bloods Rpt

07:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:00 pm Travels With The Bondi Vet Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt
09:30 pm Blue Bloods x2 Rpt

Friday 19 January
07:30 pm The Living Room: Summer Edition
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show S22 Ep13 NYE Show Rpt
09:30 pm Movie: Ruben Guthrie (2015) Premiere

Saturday 20 January
02:00 Per / 04:00 Bri / 04:30 Adel / 05:00 pm Syd, Mel Ten Eyewitness News
03:00 Per / 05:00 Bri / 05:30 Adel / 06:00 pm Syd, Mel :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 33: Melbourne Stars V Sydney Thunder
06:15 Per / 08:15 Bri / 08:45 Adel / 09:15 pm Syd, Mel :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash Game 34: Perth Scorchers V Hobart Hurricanes

10:00 pm Cram Rpt
11:00 pm 48 Hours Rpt

For details of :cricket_bat_and_ball: Big Bash coverage see local guides and Ten Cricket Coverage

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Tennis vs cricket. My remote will have fun.

When does the aus open start?

Google is your friend.

Australian Open 2018 will begin on
Monday, 15 January
and ends on
Sunday, 28 January


Who need google when we have you.

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It would be faster if you just looked it up yourself though and you can learn to be independent at the same time. :wink:

Independant? I plan to marry someone who does everything for me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck with that. It’s not 1950. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A bit surprised Wisdom Of The Crowd isn’t just burnt off in late night. But then this IS Ten, no other content…

Isn’t burning it off in Summer the same thing really?

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Yes. There’s no use starting something new now.

What are the 8:30 shows ten will show in February?
Seal Team
Hughsey we have a problem
Todd sampson

Does that seem about right considering the promos?

How many people from Masterchef want to release cooking shows on Ten! :joy:

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All of them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At least the former contestants have become successful / known. Can’t be said for many other shows.

Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield celebrating a decade I believe on Ten this year?

Coincidentally not the only Aussie show celebrating 10 years this year:
•The (7pm) Project
•Highway Patrol

Any others?