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More content from Disney ABC.

Nice to see Seven no longer having the monopoly.

It’s new too (2017).

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Unwrap Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

All-New Walt Disney Featurette.

Christmas Eve At 6.30pm.

Ring in the season this Christmas Eve with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, an all-new Disney featurette premiering at 6.30pm on 24 December, only on TEN and WIN Network.

Featuring the stars of Walt Disney’s Academy Award-winning Frozen – Josh Gad, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell – Olaf’s Frozen Adventure returns to the kingdom of Arendelle, where princesses Anna and Elsa have planned a massive Christmas celebration to commemorate their first Christmas together in years.

However, when the kingdom empties out as people enjoy their own holiday customs, Anna and Elsa realise that they have no family traditions of their own. In order to save Christmas for the princesses, Olaf sets out on a merry mission to bring home the very best traditions of the season.

With four new original songs and a host of familiar, beloved faces from the original film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is the perfect start to a family Christmas Eve.

You could say Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is being fasttracked as it aired in the US only last Thursday. It was also screened in American cinemas before each session of new Disney animated movie Coco (looks like it won’t be the case in Australia given Coco does not open here until Boxing Day).

It was made for television and the cinema run was short lived, it being pulled by Disney ahead of the screening on ABC.

This explains some of the confusion.

This is a brand new Jamie Oliver special which aired on Britain’s Channel 4 last night (Tuesday). The Sun has a preview of the episode.

Week commencing 31 December 2017

Sunday 31 December
06:30 pm Territory Cops Rpt Sydney, Melbourne
04:00 Per / 06:00 Bri / 06:30 Adel / 07:00 pm Syd, Mel Big Bash Game 12: Adelaide Strikers V Brisbane Heat
09:40 Bri / 10:10 Adel / 10:40 Syd, Mel pm The Graham Norton Show NYE Show

07:40 pm Peter Helliar: One Hot Mess
08:40 pm Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at The Apollo
09:40 pm The Graham Norton Show NYE Show

Monday 1 January
04:00 Bri / 04:30 Adel / 05:00 pm Syd, Mel Ten Eyewitness News
03:00 Per 05:00 Bri / 05:30 Adel / 06:00 pm Syd, Mel Big Bash Game 13: Sydney Thunder V Hobart Hurricanes
06:15 Per 08:15 Bri / 08:45 Adel / 09:15 pm Syd, Mel Big Bash Game 14: Perth Scorchers V Sydney Sixers

Tuesday 2 January
06:30 pm Territory Cops Sydney, Melbourne Tue-Fri
06:00 Bri / 06:30 Adel/ 07:00 pm Syd, Mel Big Bash Game 15: Melbourne Stars V Brisbane Heat
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Bull S1 Rpt

06:30 pm Territory Cops Tue-Fri
07:00 pm Man With A Plan Rpt Tue-Fri
07:30 pm Jamie’s Comfort Food Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS Rpt
09:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles Rpt
10:30 pm Bull S1 Rpt

Wednesday 3 January
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm Big Bash Game 16: Melbourne Renegades V Sydney Sixers
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

07:30 pm Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Rpt
08:30 pm Hawaii Five-O x 2 Rpt
10:30 pm Todd Sampson’s Body Hack S1 Rpt

Thursday 4 January
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm Big Bash Game 17: Hobart Hurricanes V Adelaide Strikers
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm Blue Bloods

07:30 pm Bondi Rescue Rpt
08:00 pm Gold Coast Cops Rpt
08:30 pm NCIS: New Orleans Rpt
10:30 pm Blue Bloods x2 Rpt

Friday 5 January
06:00/06:30/07:00 pm Big Bash Game 18: Brisbane Heat V Perth Scorchers
09:40/10:10/10:40 pm The Graham Norton Show

07:30 pm The Living Room Summer Edition
08:30 pm The Graham Norton Show Rpt
09:30 pm Cram Rpt
10:30 pm 48 Hours

Saturday 6 January
06:00 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt Sydney, Melbourne
04:00 Per / 06:00 Bri / 06:30 Adel / 07:00 pm Syd, Mel Big Bash Game 19: Melbourne Stars V Melbourne Renegades
09:40 Bri / 10:10 Adel / 10:40 Syd, Mel pm Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

07:40 pm All Star Family Feud Rpt
08:40 pm Cowboys and Aliens (2011)
11:10 pm 48 Hours

For details of Big Bash coverage see local guides and Ten Cricket Coverage

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SO no Ten Eyewitness news on NYD in WA?
And will WA viewers have Ten News from Sydney studios?

correct and January 8. Yes every state will have news from Sydney studios

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Brisbane has news at 4pm on Jan 8. I suspect Perth will have it at 2pm…

Weekend bulletins get dropped, but I’ve yet to know a weekday bulletin.

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Perth will be bulletin-less on Jan 8 my source says. Everyone else getting it at 5pm AEDT (4pm Bris, 4.30 Adel)

Why is it so hard to air a news bulletin on a multichannel in Perth when the BBL airs on the main channel? If Studio 10 can go to One or Eleven when it clashes with live sport, the same should go for the news.

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agreed. by the same token, why can’t the cricket go to one for the hour?

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agreed, News should be aired at 5pm in all markets affected by sport, not just Perth - this is why nobody is taking Ten seriously when it comes to News programs… They cut the news for live sport… Even Nine switches the cricket to a multi-channel when it needs to break for the news and play is still going

It could air a 1 hour bulletin Ten Eyewitness News at 5pm on One on in All states where Ten News is not on at its regular time on the main channel… Especially given that Star Trek is repeated each day…

Maybe they could have a 15 or 20 minute edited late night National edition over summer, possibly one bulletin filmed by each states news team Monday To Friday and eg Ten Perth could film Mondays edition, Adelaide could do Tuesday, Brisbane could do Wednesday, Melbourne could do Thursdays and Fridays and Sydney could do Saturdays and Sundays… It would also put feelers out to see if viewers may warm to the return of late news

I wonder now that CBS owns Ten, whether it will air Fridays edition of CBS This Morning on early hours of Saturday morning instead of waiting until Monday morning to air it… Lets face it, its pointless airing a news based program on Monday from the previous Friday…

my hope is that all of these decisions were made months ago before CBS officially took the reigns… which would mean this is the last time management would need to make such drastic cost cutting decisions.

news at five on ten should be critical programming… no matter what’s happening, that bulletin MUST go to air.


sometimes its not always possible to air news bulletins at 5 on the weekend. As Supercars have made quite a few of their events end at 6pm for Sydney and Melbourne. Like Clipsal, Townsville, Bathurst, Gold Coast and Newcastle. The Australian Formula 1 has qualifying at 5pm in Melbourne and the race could finish anywhere between 5.30pm and 6pm.

My suggestion to delay news on ten and/or maybe air a bulletin on One is based on Seven delaying News when sports interferes eg AFL or when 7 had the rights to Rugby Union.

This is where having multi channels like One and 11 can help. Nine and Seven both often utilise secondary channels if sports events go past 6.00


One option Nine used a few years back was air a international 20Twenty on Gem in QLD and then aired a full replay in on the main channel later in the night… this is another option Ten could use if they want to keep the 5pm news on the main channel

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Try and tell Ten management that the 5pm Bulletin MUST go to air…

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