Ten Network & Paramount+ 2024

I stopped watching the UK version too because of Phil and Kirstie.

I brought up the sexuality before someone else thought that’s why I didn’t like them. As for calling them clowns, IMO there’s been many “clowns” on The Block, including the presenter!

Melbourne Upfront

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Sounds more like something that would resonate on Seven. Would be the last nail on the coffin for the franchise on 10 though.

Alan Jones?

Mark Beretta would be perfect for this. Shame he’s on another channel.

(He’d have to be ready to start dating again too lol)

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It doesn’t feel like it would fit the 10 brand. P+ exclusive maybe? P+ needs to appeal to everyone after all. With the right casting of the main, it could bring more subscribers. :man_shrugging:


  • Ready, Steady, Cook hosted by Miguel Maestre is expected on Friday nights before Easter

  • Have You Been Paying Attention? and The Cheap Seats screen from Q2

  • Free to Air viewers will see NCIS: Sydney from late May.

  • MasterChef Australia will screen four nights a week in 2024, instead of five, with Taskmaster to screen Thursday nights. “For the majority, the 90 minute episodes are now only on a Sunday. The rest of them, apart from maybe Week One, are usually 60 -70 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,” Monaghan confirms.

  • A second season of Dessert Masters will follow immediately including through the Olympics .

  • Gogglebox returns after the Olympics along with Dogs Behaving Badly plus 2023 revival hit Thank God You’re Here .

  • Hunted, which is yet to film, will return to the streets of Victoria but with a new take on its opening scenes.

  • Also returning is The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity.

  • The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers, returns to both 10 and Paramount, Bondi Rescue returns, and six episodes of Wheel of Fortune Australia hosted by Graham Norton are yet to be scheduled.

  • 10 will also screen Paramount+ dramas Five Bedrooms S4 and Paper Dolls this year.

  • “We haven’t gotten anywhere in terms recommissioning The Masked Singer or The Bachelors as yet.

  • “We haven’t recomissioned Mirror Mirror yet.

  • Shark Tank, is also yet to be renewed.

  • Not returning this year are Location Location Location Australia, The Traitors, Would I Lie to You? or The Living Room -despite previous network statements about “resting” the show.

  • Neighbours was always commissioned for two years and we’re still partway through year one. So Year 2 will start in September.”

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A few observations;

No real mention of changes / renewed focus on news programming, especially the revived Late News.

Not having anything in the 8:30/9pm Monday slot before HYBPA? is a big departure from the network and loss for comedy in general given HWHAP and WILTY have filled that slot for the last few years, with essentially nothing keeping that slot warm until Paying Attention returns.

Running dead on Fridays until the return of Ready Steady Cook doesn’t bode well for the show and that timeslot, with Location Location Location essentially suffering the same fate. A real shame that is not returning as a property series sans renovating was a bit of a point of difference in their schedule.

Good change for MasterChef to drop back to 4 days a week, probably the best decision they’ve made thus far. Thursday was always the lowest rating night of the week with audiences tapering off so I think that’s a smart move to ensure the longevity of the show as well as with the revised hosting lineup this year.

New standalone series for Robert Irwin later in the year is interesting, maybe an observational special based at Australia Zoo? Would have to think it would involve wildlife of some description, as well probably part of an overall deal with Paramount when he signed on for Celebrity.

10 have a lot of work to do in the back half of the year still with Traitors not returning, Dessert Masters being brought forward to air during the Olympics and more than likely Shark Tank, Masked Signer and Bachelor not returning. As well with finding a new solution to launch the year in 2025.


Not sure if this is the place to comment on this. But I’m a celebrity seems to be tracking well this season. I just feel the Traitors would be the perfect show to be coming off the back of Celebrity. I’m not sure why they persist to show MasterChef in April/May. MasterChef is a brand that will work at anytime of the year so airing in June would still work.

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You have a good argument. But the problem is that Dessert Masters season two will start shooting pretty soon and will be shown during the Paris Olympics. Dessert Masters and MasterChef need to be kept apart as much as possible, hence why MC is still airing in April/May.

I didn’t realise dessert masters was airing during the olympics. Doesn’t seem like there will be any break between MasterChef and Dessert Masters anyway if that is the case. They could have just aired MasterChef during the Olympics and saved Dessert Masters for the end of the year like last year.

But either way this could be something for them to look at for next year not this year

I feel like Traitors would have a similar audience to Survivor? Strategy talk, voting out threats etc. Could air at the same time, Survivor Sun-Tue, Traitors Wed-Thu.

Now to a completely different subject. Guy Montgomery announced on The Project that an Australian version of his Spelling Bee show is coming. I assume for 10:


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Announced for the ABC

Oh ok, never mind then :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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I am so unsure what the rest of 10’s 7:30 slate looks like after October if we assume that all the shows that weren’t announced as renewed at upfronts don’t come back. We know we have the following:

Masterchef (Sun - Wed)
Taskmaster (10 episodes over 10 weeks on Thur)

Dessert Masters (10 eps over 3 weeks)

Hunted (11 eps over 4 weeks)

The Masked Singer? (Yet to be renewed but you’d have to assume 12 eps over 9 weeks Mon-Tue)
The Amazing Race Celebrity Edition (12 eps last year over 3 weeks Wed-Thur )

What does November and December look like if there’s no Traitors or Bachelor?

Does anyone have any theories for what 10 will put in these slots?

As far as a i remember 10 run blank for about 6 months of the year.


They definitely have a big gap of the end of the year / early next year to fill.

As far as returning series which will fill up the later half of the year not mentioned above, along with some more announcements you would think, there is more TGYH, Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, and Bondi Rescue.

Amazing Race may be extended a bit, there will probably more The Dog House as they seem to break that up, Masked Signer may get another life-line but given it’s reportedly tied with The Bachelor renewal maybe not. Another Todd Sampson series? Though generally they’re only 2 nights worth.

There were casting notices for Tough As Nails which went quiet, as well what was presumably The Golden Bachelor. I’d love to see them bring back The Bridge Australia as a FTA first series, as well as some light entertainment formats like Location, Location Location (not for Fridays) and The Secret Life of 4/5/6 year olds etc.

Filling in the gaps in between will be more Impractical Jokers, NCIS: Sydney, more Gogglebox, HYBPA?, Cheap Seats, S04 of Five Bedrooms (I think?) and probably others I’m forgetting.

With the success of Dessert Masters propping up the back end of last year, I’m surprised they’re moving it closer to MasterChef and going up against the Olympics. Seems a bit shortsighted, though they should absolutely not run dead over that period and offer an alternative.

Surely there will be more TGYH? If not they have S3 of Taskmaster ready as well (although personally I’d prefer them not to go 2 per year hopefully for longevity of the show)

Looks like they will have shark tank as the call for contestants has gone out