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Discussion of next season’s programming for 10.

Technically, Ten’s upfront is for 10 ViacomCBS.

The showcase for 2021 shows will be 12:30pm Thursday 15 October.


This is something which needs to change in 2021 and beyond.

In recent years, Ten have been too reliant on a on a core base of 6-8 presenters for most of their primetime shows. With the exception of MasterChef, Dr Chris Brown, Julia Morris, Grant Denyer, Amanda Keller, Osher Gunsberg, Angie Kent, Yvie Jones & Beau Ryan have been across just about everything.

Meanwhile people that have fronted lower profile content on the multichannels until recently like Scott Tweedie and Olivia Phyland (had she been on air for more than a year or so, I’d probably add Lia Walsh to this list) who deserved to be promoted to higher profile primetime main channel presenting positions, haven’t had that opportunity before either leaving or being sacked from the network.

Sure, to some extent all networks are guilty of talent overexposure at the expense of others who deserve bigger and better things. But Ten have certainly been the worst culprit of this tactic recently.


You might wish it to change but I think it will become even worse with the current financial pressures of covid.

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Certain Media Outlets are speculating that 10 might revive Australian Idol with Guy Sebastian as a Judge. would like to see this happen only negative is it would be another Osher show.

One new program has been confirmed so far: teenage drama Dive Club, which commences filming in Port Douglas at the end of October.
10’s programming line-up could be the most affected as the result of COVID-19, with I’m a Celebrity and The Amazing Race to based in Australia, and the immediate future of Australian Survivor uncertain (travel restrictions means the crew and contestants can’t go to Fiji yet). The protocols that were introduced during the middle of MasterChef season 12 will apply to season 13.
Hopefully the telemovies that will be produced for the Paramount Movie Network will bolster 10’s flagging ratings on Saturday nights next year.
It looks like season 2 of Five Bedrooms, whose production was interrupted by coronavirus, will be shown in early 2021 rather than Q4 this year, since there have been no promos on 10 recently.
And then there is the big budget drama The Glided Age from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, which only recommenced filming in New York on Tuesday this week:

Has it been announced that free-to-air Ten is getting those movies?

This is the most interesting thing for me. I believe we might see them allowed to travel to Fiji by the end of the year. The Government is working hard on a Tasman travel bubble. So it could happen by December. But this means it wouldn’t air until Easter at the earliest. If I were 10, and they do get to Fiji, I would look at filming two seasons back to back. A normal season and a blood vs water season. Even if that means the second season isn’t airing until the following year.

It was based on the article from Variety last week:

ViacomCBS will also work with international partners like Network 10, Channel 5, and Telefe on certain films.


Any word on whether Paramount Network’s Bar Rescue is coming to 10? It could gain a following on Saturday nights.

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At least they put Network 10 ahead of channel 5 in that sentence… :rofl:


As much as I enjoy a good bit of rampant speculation, we’re going to close this one until the upfronts.


That is a very vibrant upfront logo.


Some say vibrant; others say tacky. :rofl:


Not sure what 10 are thinking with commissioning yet another celebrity show. Junior Masterchef’s ratings are very average so what makes them think a celebrity spinoff will work?

Also not sure why they would want Australian Idol again when they have The Masked Singer which is already pretty successful.

One word to describe 10 programmers: Infatuated (one with celebrity shows, two with certain personalities and formats)

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The two shows are totally different things: Australian Idol for emerging talent and The Masked Singer for celebrities who are already good at singing.

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Same genre (singing/shiny floor).

I think people have got caught up with Jocks comments about a celebrity version. Not sure if it will actually eventuate. I think it was actually a joke rather than a confirmation at it happening.

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