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Telstra today revealed its latest streaming set-up box TV2, which like its predecessor is based on Roku.

It retains the features of Telstra TV (apps like Netflix and Stan) but with a TV tuner included. It also offers 4K and HDR support.
TV2 will be available from 31 October to Telstra fixed-line broadband customers. New and recontracting customers on Telstra’s $99 bundle will get the device for free, but it’s available for $192 outright.
Customers upgrading from the original Telstra TV will get a discount based on their current broadband plan.

Looks to me TV2 is the closest to the all-in-one streaming device many people are looking for. Will you want to get it?

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The TV tuner is a great addition. Hopefully it better integrates Foxtel Now channels with FTA terrestrial channels similar to what Fetch TV does and the old Tbox used to do.

That said I’m still waiting on the Foxtel Puck to see what it offers as I believe it will have a TV tuner too.

Saw the device promoted at the LED advertising fence at tonight’s Rugby League World Cup match in Canberra, with the slogan “It’s a beautiful thing”.

The tv in my dining room is ten years old and I have just discovered today that Telstra tv 2 is not compatible with it. Everything works find apart from the tuner (which is the main reason I purchase it) it scans the 41 channels but because of something with the formats will not let me watch the channels it just goes no where.

Just six months after TiVo shutdown in Australia, Telstra has signed a multi-year intellectual property licence agreement with TiVo Corporation allowing Telstra to use TiVo’s technology in their devices. Could the next Telstra TV be a TiVo?


Telstra have been sending this message to their customers.

Again why does one need Kayo Sports with this offering?

To watch live games larger than a 7 inch screen comes to mind.


I’m sure there’s a lot of people wanting the 10 All Access and Amazon Prime Video apps to be added to Telstra TV…

Their wish has been granted somewhat with Amazon Prime added to Telstra TV on Tuesday this week (April 23).

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Sure everyone will be pleased! Now we need 10 All Access to be added and then we’ll have every Aussie streaming service on there.

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The Tubi app was made available yesterday.

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How long will Telstra make their customers wait before making available Apple TV (the Roku app)?

I saw on another forum a similar discussion and it was mentioned perhaps they won’t have it as doesn’t the app also allow you to purchase and watch stuff off Itunes? I don’t think Telstra will want people doing that , would rather they use Telstra TV Box Office?

Or does the app only allow Itunes purchases to be played not purchased?

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Foxtel have added the ability to watch Netflix via some of their STBs, so things have changed a bit.

With the Roku apps for Amazon Prime Video (& Netflix) already available, I just hope Telstra don’t drag this out as long as they did for Amazon Prime Video.

Oh and I don’t know if the app allows purchase, but I’ve heard the iTunes Extras aren’t viewable.

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The yearly fee for the Netball Live app was $29.99. The monthly fee is $12.99 meaning a year’s subscription will now cost $155.88.
Telstra told SMH the reason for removing the annual subscription option was due to a potential change in broadcast rights for 2022 (the current broadcast deal with Nine and Telstra expire at the end of 2021), but said it would be reviewing the price of weekly and monthly memberships.
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