The Future of TV - Linear vs. Streaming and beyond

Agree. Until Netflix decides it wants to branch out into live sports.


Has Netflix shown any interest in acquiring sports rights of any kind?

Optus’ attempt to take the EPL to basically streaming only shows that at least in this country its not yet a great experience (and some of that isn’t optus’ issue, it goes to the heart of a lack of suitable Infrastructure)

My local mp is Mr Tomatohead, his interest is limited to parroting the party line about the NBN

Not seriously as yet, but Amazon has been making noise and Netflix won’t want to be left behind if they do.

The English Premier League was available in NZ over streaming only for a few seasons and there seemed few complaints there with the service.

Probably not worth starting a new topic on this yet as it isn’t available in Australia but a development that will affect the future of TV in the US at least.

###You Tube TV

###Finally, live TV made for you

YouTube TV will be available soon in the largest U.S. markets and will quickly expand to cover more cities across the country. Visit and sign up to find out when we’ll launch in your market.

We’re bringing the best of the YouTube experience to live TV. To do this, we’ve worked closely with our network and affiliate partners to evolve TV for the way we watch today.

Meet YouTube TV. It’s live TV designed for the YouTube generation—those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments.

You Tube TV includes (for details see link above)

  • Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, regional sports networks and dozens of popular cable networks.
    Local TV stations.
    Dozens of additional cable channels like MSNBC, Fox News, USA, FX, Disney Channel, Sprout, E! oand Bravo.
    Can add Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus etc

  • A cloud DVR, with no storage limits.

  • A service that works great on all your screens.

  • YouTube Red Originals.

  • Six accounts, one price.

  • Half the cost of cable with zero commitments US$35

###End of TiVo Service

After almost a decade of service, we here at Hybrid Television Services are sad to report that we have reached the end of our TiVo license and the TiVo Service is coming to an end in Australia on 31 October 2017.

The TiVo Service is what delivers electronic programming guide data to your TiVo device each day, so without it, there will be no electronic programming guide and TiVo recording features such as Season Pass and WishList will stop working. For more information on what will and will not work after 31 October see “What does this mean for you and your TiVo after 31 October?”

Harvey Norman is offering a $100 TiVo trade in on a Fetch TV Mighty Box.

Can’t believe they were still actively selling TiVo here in 2013. It was dead for years before then.


An interesting article from Fairfax:

New viewing habits have cost TV networks $2.5 billion so far

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A fantastic article from The Age, looking at how important sports rights are for TV and how they’ve changed over the years, including network and commercial relationships:

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As Ten’s ratings and loses continue to fall maybe a merger with Foxtel will soon be allowed? The ACCC can’t block it forever, surely?

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The ACCC (& ACMA) enforce the laws the parliament passes. Until the reach rule is changed it won’t happen, nor will regional & metro networks merge.

Interesting read from Multi-Screen Report for Q4 2016

The release of the latest industry report into the consumption of video content couldn’t have come at a better time for the TV sector. With Google and its YouTube property being buffered by what is now being labelled an advertising boycott, the Australian Multi-Screen Report continues to show that TV continues to offer advertisers big audiences and a safe haven for their brand messages.

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^ Sadly they could cut the fees to zero and it wouldn’t help save the commercial networks. They won’t change.

Do you think one day they’ll have to advertise FTA TV as a service being free? Like: “All your favourite shows right on your TV absolutely free”

It’s basically gotten to that point with the networks claiming sport to be “live and free

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They’ve been doing that under the Freeview banner for years


I’m not even sure free is a great drawcard anymore. Perhaps in comparison to sub-TV but the rise of Netflix and Spotify shows people are willing to pay for content if the price is right.

The most talked about show I’ve seen on social media for the last fortnight? 13 Reasohs Why. A Netflix exclusive.