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Not really worth it at this point, as Windows 10 will be continue to be uspported till 2025. :slight_smile:

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Internet Explorer hasn’t been a mainstream browser since 2015. It was essentially deprecated back then but kept around for legacy systems who use ActiveX applications. 7 years is more than enough time.

I remember needing to backward support IE in 2018 for a Web app I was building. It was a nightmare because it’s rendering engine was already 5 years out of date by thay point. RIP

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Lots of site on the Internet now returning 500 Internal Server Error - big outage happening. ANother Cloudfare issue probably. Discord, multiple game servers not working.

Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

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Theres an outage with Cloudflare

Has this issue been fixed? I just went to a website that reported themselves via FB that their website was having issues and it appears to be working fine now.

I noticed Whirlpool was down earlier which had the same 500 Internal Server error, and its working again now. Could vary by site perhaps.

I have 11 simply because i work in IT and need to do UAP on it for work. I’ve not noticed too much different (short of the taskbar being centered) but the loss of the ablity to right click on the taskbar and get to taskmanager will make my job harder

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