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Eww. No phone will never beat my Mitsubishi MT-230i!*

*An actual phone I owned circa 2005


I took a few of my old antique mobile phones into an Optus shop last year for recycling and the kid behind the counter took one look at the Nokia 1610 I bought in 1996 and burst out laughing. He told me it was a collectors item and he’d keep it.


Heaps of advantages with the old Nokias

  • Doesn’t require reboots
  • Doesn’t require updates
  • Won’t get hacked
  • Won’t get viruses, malware, trojans, cookies or any of that


And with Chuck Norris durability you won’t be able to shatter the screen easily


That is extremely overpriced! Wouldn’t have cost more then $30-35 locally (with 5 tapes!) only 5 or 6 years ago here. Sounds like someone is trying to cash in on nostalgia…


I honestly thought they were trying to target the audio snobs who think analogue is better than digital for music.

What’s next? VHS making a comeback? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the full advert - rather incongruous - a cassette player alongside a DAB radio.


The audio crackling and interference really adds to the song, you wouldn’t understand it though.


Vinyl aficionados will agree with that.


The only thing I miss about my old Nokia was the awesome snake game.


I’m trying to fix an odd problem I have had for years. On my days off, I have the TV on in the background, usually Channel 9. On about 50% of these days, during the 12pm-1pm hour something strange happens to my signal, dropping out for 1-5 seconds at a time, up to 15 or 20 times over the course of that hour. I’ve done some testing, it only happens on the 9 channels (9, Gem, Go, 9HD), only ever during this hour, and it happens on all the TVs in the house. Google searches have suggested radio frquency interference, but doing the things that are meant to help with this have changed nothing, although cars driving in my street can exaggerate the issue. It’s by no means an important problem, but it’s become one of those things I’m dying to get to the bottom of. If anyone has any other ideas I would be grateful. :slight_smile:


A few question to help with diagnosis

What type of antenna? Is it external or internal? If external does it have amplifier? Is the TV connected to anything else e.g. via RCA cable likes a PVR etc?


I finally got around to getting a new telly.

It’s a Sony X9000E, a recently released 55 inch LED LCD model, got it at JB HiFI as part of their 15% sale for $2,545.

It’s a great TV, great PQ and has voice control which is very useful, particularly for online content, but I can use it for changing channels eg. Just say “Channel 90” and it will go to 9HD.

It has an unique way of displaying channels in the EPG, instead of displaying them in LCN number order, it displays it by Network THEN LCN, as all Network TEN stations appear first as, 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and then ABC with 2, 20 etc.

It also displays interactive banners for Freeview and catch-up services whenever you change networks eg. from 7 to 9, but not when you change from 7 to 72. Doesn’t work with the regional networks though, not even NBN which is owned by Nine (I think this is because they don’t support Freeview). I will post a shot of the 9Now and Freeview banner when the site allows me to (won’t work right now).

EDIT: Here’s the pic… If I click on the RED button on my remote, it will launch the 9Now app (Sony uses Android TV as it’s OS).


This type (external) and no amplifier as far as I know. One of the TVs connected through HDMI to a PVR, other one not connected to anything other than aerial, but happens on both.


OK, a lot of guesswork coming up :slight_smile:

The interference seems like impulse interference from a motor or thermostat that is being picked up by the antenna elements and being distributed to TVs. Possible causes that might occur at a set time that come to mind are swimming pool pumps and chorinators.

The best solution is to increase the digital TV signal above the interference. That antenna in your location and for the number of outlets (including unused) may be just giving the minimum amount of signal needed for pixelation-free reception.

Options would be to go higher with the antenna or get a slightly higher gain antenna or mounting the current one away from the source if it can be identified.

You might also look to see if there may be a distribution amplifier in the ceiling that feeds multiple points. In some cases you can install an impulse filter in front of the amplifier or replace it with one with an in-built filter.


Thanks so much for those ideas. I figured it’s probably something on a set timer. I’ll have a look at signal strengths the next time it happens and see what’s going on there. An amplifier seems like the simplest and most effective solution (or find the neighbour with the pool and ask them to pump at a time that is more convenient for me :slight_smile: ). Thanks again.


Microsoft is to scrap Paint on its next Windows 10 update. Paint is simple but effective and has served computer users well for the last 32 years.


A lot of memories lost…


Not anymore.
They’ve now announced it will become an app available on the Windows store. It’s features will be added to Paint 3D.


Oh that’s not good!

It was really handy for doing something quick and simple without waiting for Photoshop to open up.

Oh well, hopefully here’ll be a similar freeware alternative out there.