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Exact same story. 56k in 1999, new Aptiva with Windows 95 (had to upgrade it about a week later). Was yours the black tower model with Bose speakers?


It was this one, though mine only had a 15 inch monitor (not 17 inch as shown here).

I dont remember it having Bose branded speakers though


I dreamed of having a Celeron processor! I would have loved a Pentium but my 486 had to do. I do however remember getting my first 6.4GB hard drive for Christmas and everybody wondering how I’d ever fill that! It was the first hard drive in our family greater than 500MB.

Our first family computer was a 486 which we got for Christmas 1994. I kept breaking it however and Christmas 1996 my sister and I got our own. I think the 6.4GB hard drive came around 1998 or 1999. I often got computer hardware for Christmas. I still remember my excitement for getting Windows Me.

Our internet experience at home started in 1997 with a Telstra BigPond startup disc. Had dial up for quite a while and also occasionally had a network running between the three computers in the house. It was only occasional as it was often down, it was also the black Coaxial cable network. Used to be on the internet a lot and got in trouble when we forgot to divert the phone through to the mobile phone or the fax number when we were online. The mobile phone we had was similar to an Ericsson (prior to them merging with Sony) GA628 it had a changeable keypanel colour!

We upgraded to ADSL around 2002 I think then I moved to Hobart in 2003 and had dial up before finally being able to afford my own DSL connection around 2004-5. Upgraded to NBN in mid-2017, had an order in on the first day of services being available.


Bugger, so close. Mine was the one in photo. Aptiva’s were pretty good. Bloody expensive though. From memory, my parents bought it from Abacus in Perth for around $3k.


My first mobile phone. Oh the memories. :heart:


When I bought mine, the Pentium II 350 mhz was another $500 but exactly the same specs otherwise, so I baulked at that. $2,499 was expensive enough as it was.

I got 50 hours free Big Pond 56K dial up with it, that was pure heaven at the time. My first paid ISP was Microplex, whereby 40 hours was $40, which was still not bad, considering Big Pond charged $3-$4 an hour at the time.


Yes, back when usage was charged by the hour rather than by the download amount.