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:thinking: We’ve bred a generation of morons.


While I agree it’s nice not having these apps for a wee while, the fact that Whatsapp is also down shows how much we rely on ONE company to communicate with so many people.

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I don’t really care about Facebook any more and have never really used What’s App but these days Instagram failing is like a News Feed being cut off.

Not important World News but all the rubbish that I’m interested in and feel I can’t live without. :joy:


Samsung and LG will release their range of 8K TV sets later this year. Do you want one?


I was looking for a new TV on the weekend and was told that they’re expecting a swag of new Samsung models released in May so there should be some heavy discounting to get rid of old stock.


Why bother when 8k content is non existent.

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Even 4K content is still pretty thin on the ground.


Because everyone wants the latest technology. Remember when everyone rushed out to buy a 3D set? How did that go?


I didn’t.
3D wasn’t a game changer.
Nor was 4K (though it was more successful than 3D).
I think consumers will have learnt somewhat from this.

There’s evidence of this in smartphones sales, for instance. They are slowing, partly because of the high prices, and people know that there’s going to be something better just around the corner, like 5G.


I did but only because i needed a new TV at the time. Still haven’t actually watched anything 3D and the 3D glasses are still in the box they came in. :joy:


Got a new phone today, a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $799 outright at JB Hifi.

Couldn’t justify the extra cost for the S10, and that hole punch cut out for the camera put me off it a bit.


64 gb version ? I wonder how long Samsung keep on supplying security updates. That my main concern of buying an older generation phone.


Yes, 64GB, that was the only one on special. The 256GB version was effectively another $350, but the 64GB version has expandable memory anyway.

I will probably only keep it for maybe 2 years, as I would like to go 5G by then. But security updates should be good for that length of time on the S9 anyhow.


Did you own a Samsung before? Last Samsung I had was Note 2. I did not really care about security updates back then, it was my first real smart phone and for its time the best I owned.

In between I got an Oppo R7 updates were slow. Maybe only had 1 or 2. I broke it by trying to put Lineage on.
Then got LG V20 and updates were slow.
Did not learn my lesson and got the HTC U11 and only got 1 update in one year :).

I like the Samsung due to headphone jack and Samsung pay plus SD Card , but probably would go with Pixel in future once the HTC U11 is broken :). More likely to get updates.


Yes, I’ve had an S4 and an S7, didn’t have any issues with either.

Not sure why I like Samsung, I’ve had a few of their products and have never let me down. They are good quality and decently priced.

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So what did y’all think about that Apple TV+ thingy?


Apple have made it sound like streaming has never existed.

Hate to tell them they are about 5 years late to the party.

Sounds to me a bit like they are playing catch up to Netflix.


Remember when they invented FaceTime? Even though Telstra had video calling for years and Skype and everything had been around.


But because it’s fucking Apple, people will be fawning and fapping all over it.

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