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I bought into Vividwireless knowing that it was extremely likely that Optus would shut the WiMax service down. I was actually kind of hoping that they would shut it down and offer a similar data plan for the same price on their 4G network.

But really, the service I’ve had with Vivid is miles ahead of what I got on Telstra ADSL. WiMax had good speeds at quiet times, but the speed did drop a bit at peaks. Them when they migrated us over to LTE it was great. I was getting a solid 10Mbps for months until more people jumped on the network.

Now it looks like Optus is just going to grandfather the Vivid plans and offer new fixed wireless services on the 5G network starting early next year.

I always found it odd that Vivid kept their operations and systems mostly separate from Optus, including their website (which looks like it hasn’t been updated since 2012). They also have their own support forum staffed by two people (who provided very decent advice).


How are you fi nding the NBN we are getting it hooked up next week? Did you use your old ADSL2 modem or did you get it from your provider? Generally what speeds do you get on the NBN?

Don’t mind me. :stuck_out_tongue: Just a curious nut!



I’m one of the lucky ones… I have FTTB and I’m on the 100 Mbps plan, and I consistently get 90-93 Mbps even at night.

And no drop outs, which I used to get on ADSL quite a bit.


I have FTTP and am on the 50 Mbps plan. I get 47-49 Mbps consistently


Picked up this little gem today. Hoping it’s a gem anyway…


It looks very similar to the Flea Market one that I posted in the “Random Radio” thread, available at JB Hi Fi at $59… I went there this morning to have a look at it, but it wasn’t on display there.


This one doesn’t do DAB, but it does do shortwave. I’ll look if the USB port can accept 3.5mm to USB, that would let me plug in my portable DAB radio. Or get the cassette to 3.5mm adapter and go that way.


The cassette adapter probably won’t work as it’s only really designed to work with car radios, whereby the tape door doesn’t totally close, leaving some room for the cable to feed through. The portable cassette players usually need the door to be totally closed for it to work.


I believe this would be a very similar unit to what Techmoan reviewed on YouTube awhile back


Yep, we discussed this in another thread, it is the same player. Except this one is branded Medion.


Currently travelling, was impressed with these messages I received as soon as I turned airplane mode off when landing in Hong Kong!


Also super impressed with the free wifi in HK Airport


Yep the quality of wifi there is incredible. Great after getting off a 12 hr flight.


Thanks to those that recommended me the AirPods a while back. Had them for just under a month now and absolutely in love.

The question I have is whether most people had them at the gym, I tend to get sweaty (as is the idea I guess) and know I bricked my old pair of wired Apple earbuds when sweat got into the remote on the cord somehow. Anyone had any issue? I’m quite happy to use an alternate corded pair for the gym if needs be


You must sweat like a whore in church. Put mine though the wash in a pair of pants. Can’t believe they still work.


CMHK - China Mobile Hong Kong for those who are wondering. China Mobile is one of China’s Big Three telecom operators.


I’m surprised the message wasn’t in Chinese?

Perhaps the message is language dependent on the overseas carrier?


:joy:. This was over a prolonged period of time. The remote started changing volume etc without being pressed.


Following on from the discussions in the TV History thread about when people first got internet access…

For me, it was 1999, 56K dial up. This was on my first PC which i also got at the time (brand new for $2,499) which was an IBM Aptiva which had a puny 333mhz Celeron processor, 64MB RAM and 6GB HDD!


my first internet access was in 1994 or 1995 - dad had access for work. The world wide web barely existed, we mostly used Telnet into MUDs or Usenet.

we had a 486 with 8Meg of Ram, a 400 MB HDD and a 9600 baud acoustic coupler. I remember the first time i used netscape to get onto the WWW - it had pictures! that was huge for me when everything else i had been doing online was generally text based