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stop trying to stream cbs all access and wait for 10 all access :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought a Google Pixel 3XL on Saturday. The microphone was dead out of the box. Had to wait an hour at JB to get it exchanged for a new one.


Late to the party, but I couldn’t recommend them more. I’ve had other wireless headphones in the past that would jump and skip and cut out when walking, with the phone in my pocket less than 1 metre away from my ears. Completely useless.

Got the AirPods and they’re amazing. I can leave my phone in the lounge room and walk to the other end of the house and can still stream the audio in perfect quality to my AirPods.

I also really enjoy grabbing them out of the case and having the iPhone just automatically switch the audio feed straight to the headphones. They’re honestly amazing.


Thank you all…I’ve ordered a pair of AirPods online at a week-early Cyber Monday sale.


I am thinking of getting AirPods when I get my new iPhone XS Max next week, what are the quality of the speakers like and whats the charge like? I am using bluetooth headpones now, but they are almost dead literally (started falling apart last week, and been holding onto them for dear life). I do like the fight there isn’t wires, hence why i love bluetooth headphones. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sound is great - the battery lasts about 90-120 minutes (well thats what I’m getting) - doesnt take long to recharge in the case though


So how does it charge is the charger in the case?


the case contains a battery and charges using a lightning cable


I get about 5-6 hrs consistently…how old are your airpods?

My AirPods charge to full in about 15-20 mins max


Pretty well brand new - I only use one at a time while I’m at work though


I’m surprised with only 90-120 minutes as well.
I think 2 hours is the most I’ve used them in one occasion, and I can’t remember what battery they had, but they were nowhere near low from memory.


That’s pretty bad even for bluetooth. My old ones which i currently still use (they arent earpod) last a week. I usually turn mine off after when I finish using them, which problems helps too. I’ll be able to compare this with my new purchase of the Earpods next week.


I would have assumed they’d be a similar battery life to the BeatsX (which I’ve got about 5 hours on moderate volume from recent use), as they’re basically the same device in a different casing.


They will swap them for new ones if you are really getting battery life that bad. Mine were more than 18 months old (got them on release day) when they started having connectivity/battery issues and they were replaced on the spot after a quick five minute test out the back at the Apple Store.

I reliably manage 5+ hours on a charge with my new pair.


I’ll see how they go this week, I might have got my battery life wrong (I hope)


if not, definitely take them back to Apple and get them replaced


Vividwireless will be shutdown in March.


Surprised it has taken this long considering Optus has owned it for going on 6 years. Back when they took it over it was assumed they’d finish up the existing 24 month contracts and migrate people over immediately.

Strange they didn’t just migrate everything to Optus as soon as the WiMax networks were shut down/migrated to LTE.


My Woolies mobile plan renewed overnight and my data has gone up again.

Signed up only about 3 months ago to the following:

  • 5GB data
  • 1GB bonus data
  • Databank up to 30GB

Last month the databank increased to up to 100GB, they started offering an extra 10GB every 3 months and now this month my bonus has gone to 5GB too.

It’s hard to change my ways and making myself on wireless where possible. I’ve gone from my old plan with 2.5GB data to 10 plus my bank of nearly 8 in only a couple of months! Thankfully it means no more topping up dongles when we go away.


I know what you mean.

My data allowance with Telstra recently went from 10GB to 20 GB, but actual usage stayed at around 2.5GB.

But since I got the NBN at home last month, it’s gone down to less than 1GB.