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Home automation question - building a new house with Braemar ducted heater

Need a thermostat that will work in Australia and be compatible with Z Wave devices for overall home automation solution…the provided Braemar thermostat is dumb and offers no connectivity options

Looked at Nest (compatability issues) and Ecobee (not available in Australia)

Any others I should consider?


Have a look at remotec (I think thats it) - from memory it was one of the only options thats available


Just throwing names I’ve heard before - but Clipsal C-Bus? A friend of mine uses it throughout their (fancy) house.


thanks guys,

Been at work all day so haven’t had the chance to reply.

  1. So how would I go with going to the ACCC (I’m gathering?)
  2. Yeah I do have receipt to go with my PS4. Turns out I only got it in June last year.
  3. I’ve looked on google and they say just to bang it but I might take it apart and see how it is


What’s the general view on AirPods. My supplied iPhone earphones have come apart (well one bud still works), so looking for a new pair.


They are fantastic, have had mine since launch day (almost 2 years) and not a single problem. Have never owned another pair of wireless headphones though so don’t know how they compare to other options out there.


Try going to the retailer first before you go to ACCC.

Of course, if you try and take it apart, you may be denied a replacement.


C-Bus is a whole “smart home” system

Do it man - the only downside I’ve found is the battery life (oh and you look like a bit of a dick wearing them)


i’ve had various wireless headphones and the airpods are far and away the best


Decided to buy my first iPad yesterday. Got the iPad Pro 11 inch.
Really have to hand it to Apple - the hardware on this thing is amazing. So fluid, and the 120Hz display is nuts. Only downside was my wallet afterwards! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyone got any thoughts on these tablets?


Too expensive. I need a new iPad but seriously thinking about swapping to the competition.


It really depends on what you use it for. I’d personally say that all the competition is a downgrade - you just can’t beat Apple with iPad.


I agree, pricing on the 2018 Pro range is ridiculous.

What about the 6th Gen iPad. 9.7 inch, 128 GB, A10 Fusion processor, $599 brand new from Apple?


So what do you use it for?


Only got it yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll mainly use it for multimedia - social media. etc (Honestly, a 9.7" iPad would’ve been more than enough), but i am also planning on using it for testing apps (software development).


I was not a fan of wireless headphones… until last night… when for some reason, I suddenly decided to pair my B&O H4’s to my 2017 Sony TV (which has Bluetooth audio) and they worked better than I thought they would. No dropouts, and no noticeable degradation in sound quality compared to wired.

The B&O aren’t as comfortable as my Bose (which doesn’t have Bluetooth) but I may now look at getting a Bluetooth Bose headphone.

Not sure that noise canceling is a real benefit to me though, as most of my listening is indoors at home.


I prefer the design of Beats X personally, I have a pair and couldn’t recommend them more. One of the best things Apple has done in recent years was the purchase of Beats - they’ve eliminated the tackiness and upped the quality of the brand considerably.


Installed the latest IOS software (whatever version that is) on “The New iPad” (2017 model)…

Now I can’t get proper full screen streaming, as in when I plug in with an Apple HDMI adaptor, the iPad would always lock and go black saying “connected to TV” with a faint blue graphic.

Now it’s not doing that, just mirroring whatever else is on the screen, including (for example) website URL bar, borders. Have to use aspect/magnifying button on TV now to zoom, passable but not the best.

Better not be one of those ‘Apple have again changed something that wasn’t broke before and yep, nothing we can do, just have to deal with it’ :unamused:


What are you trying to str am from?


If I told you that, I’d have to kill you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: