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Sooo… Apple wants us to pay up to $2,369 for the new top of range Xs Max.

You can buy an OK car for that!!!

Really, that is TOO much for a phone.

There has to be an element of price gouging there.

Will be interesting to see if sales slow much at those prices.


I reckon these steep prices (and it’s not just apple, Samsung is doing it too and I’m sure the next Google Pixel release will also be just as expensive) are going to seriously change phone buying habits… providing battery tech continues to prove I totally see phones becoming a 3 to 4 year buying cycle if you’re buying a flagship model.


I got my new Oppo R15 Pro and that’s on a 3 year contract now. Couldn’t afford/justify keeping up with the iPhones a couple of years ago and haven’t regretted it.



also apple slowed down older models, which would make people more inclined to buy the newer model for speed etc.

now that apple can’t do that anymore, I think the sales will decrease. only the people that have had a phone for a few years and apple fanboys will get the new model.

you can’t be a scummy company to make people get your new products (even if they’re quality).

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I agree re the 3-4 year contract… And I can see some people having to pay over $6,000 over the life of the contract.


What’s interesting is that the outright pricing has gone up but Optus’ launch pricing seems to be about 10-15% lower than it was for the X (and plans include more data, but that happens every year). You can get a Max for the same amount each month that I am paying for my X.

Hopefully our telcos will support dual SIM by the time the XI comes out.


Trump getting reading to spam the USA.


welp after saying ALL of this, my iPhone SE started to cook itself over the last week hmmmm.

guess I’m reluctantly getting the new iPhone XS on a plan now. Like it’ll be cool but I didn’t wanna get a new phone this soon ugh.

I’ve never had a contract with a phone, always purchased outright - anyone know if you can buy yourself out midway through the contract?


You can with Vodafone, I believe if you want to, you can charge the rest of the phone to your next bill. Voda does no lock-ins.


optus will allow oyu to buy out a contract as well - only pay the cost of the phone


awesome thanks for that, It doesn’t really say on their website - I was about to read their whole ToS actually to find it.

would you reckon it’s better keeping it in a plan or buying out the contract?


I bought an LG V20 a year and a half ago and apparently one of the biggest problems being experienced by people with this phone is deterioration of the thermal paste which sits between the OLED screen and the motherboard. So I noticed my phone getting sluggish around summer this year, but I wasn’t interested in waiting 2 weeks for warranty exchange without another phone to use, which is why I’ve basically suffered through living with a phone that’s constantly slow due to overheating.

So today I have a look at what’s involved and it turns out that my phone is incredibly easy to take apart. There’s no adhesive or any complex shit to contend with - it’s basically a few screws, the motherboard comes out and you blob another bit of thermal paste on the motherboard (I thought it’d be an extremely complex job with eleventy billion different screws - I ruined an older iPhone because of this). The phone is really bloody fast again as a result and is no longer overheating. Kind of regret not doing it 9 months ago, though…


Don’t blame you for not realising, it’s a fair assumption these days that smartphones need to be destroyed to be taken apart.
Still a few manufacturers that don’t make them like that though.


That headline spelling is weigh out there


My SE had that problem a while back, but I was able to fix it with a factory reset


Bigpond problems this morning


Thanks. That explains my lack of emails today.


Yeah it has taken out emails at a few of the offices in the company I work for… Particularly Tweed Heads which is one of our main hubs


Bigpuddle strikes again.


I don’t think much of the upload speed, but this download speed is ok. Just noticed I had connected to Optus 4G+ for the first time.