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And just adding onto my previous post which mentioned my fancy new iPhone back in 2010, I reckon the iPhone 4 was the peak of the iPhone. Relative to the time period when it was released and compared to its competition, I think it was so far ahead of the bunch.

It was the first iPhone which didn’t have some kind of serious flaw like a dodgy camera (I think the ‘Antennagate’ thing was bullshit and overblown by the media), was reasonably priced (especially compared to current iPhones) and has a timeless design that’s still quite attractive.

I think Apple have really become quite lazy since Steve Jobs kicked the bucket. I personally would not buy an iPhone nowadays, but back then it was just such a game changer.


I would say on the Android side the Nexus 5 by LG was the absolute best Nexus device to be offered to the world.


My first phone was an Alcatel One Touch Easy DB on One.Tel. Remember them?! :joy:

I now have a Huawei P20 Pro on Belong Telstra. Very happy with it. 4000mAh battery and a killer camera. Granted, it took time to get used to Huawei’s EMUI skin of Android - but I replaced the launcher with Nova Launcher to make it more stock-like.


I am a bit of a Samsung person, but I do wish the UI was more stock like too, so there wasn’t such a lag between offical Android OS release and when Samsung releases their version of it.

Pie was released earlier this month, but I think it will be late this year or early next before it appears on my S7 phone. Hell, my S2 Tablet is still on Nougat.


The slow update cycle is what annoyed me about having Samsung phone. My P20 will get Android Pie 9.0 next month, which I admit is impressive for Huawei. :joy:


My mum had one of those! Fuck… look at that phone… lol


Something like this was our first family mobile phone… that’s right, we all had to share it.

Then, this was where I became an adult and got my first ever phone plan and the current phone number I have to this day 15 years later.


Prior to having the mobile phone when we went out and needed to get in contact with mum and dad we did what every kid did - used the payphone and either the ring twice mode of communication or the ring and shout one word as loud as you could before it disconnected due to no credit.

I still remember when some neighbours showed us a new thing called SMS in about 1994/5 and wondering what anybody would use that for.


So… say if I decided to sell my phone while on contract - am I allowed to do do that?


If you pay out the remaining months on your contract, or pay a break fee… then I would say yes.

But that may cost you more than what you would get for your phone, depending on what type of phone you have, how many months you have left etc.


I’ve done it and kept my contract for a few months after that, bottom line they don’t give a shit. As long as you pay your contract monthly until you pay it off fully, they can’t really tell you what to do with your phone.


My first mobile phone was this Philips in, iirc, 1999.


my first phone was one these (phillips fizz):

i held onto that thing for about 8 years than i upgraded to a Motorola rokr (the first itunes phone). it had a limit of 50 songs but you could pay about $3 and unlock the ability to put 100 on there


I got my first phone in 2003 and had a great variety of phones in the early years because my parents both got upgrades every year at work and would give their old phones to me and my older sister. Probably had about 5 phones in 5 years but these are the two that I remember.

Nokia 3310i, in gold, my first phone in 2003 handed down from my dad -

Nokia 6111, late-2007 (was my sister’s before it came to me), at the time I thought this was the coolest thing ever made -


And then it’s been iPhones since 2008 when I queued up for the launch of the 3G (pretty tragic I know). Went from the 3G to the 4 then 5 which was stolen, so got a 5S then 6S and now on a X.

Have always played with the idea of trying an Android phone (probably a Pixel) but then every time I upgrade I stick with the safe option. Will probably stick with the X this year and see what the Pixel 4 looks like next year.


I had the orginal iphone (2G) - i imported it from the USA as soon as a software jailbreak was developed to unlock it from AT&T - the jailbreak was released on a Thursday and i had my phone in my hands on monday


That was my first phone, too. It came with a custom neon green thumb print insert. Good, solid phone.


Forgot about that piece!

I think my entire phone history was that one, then an Alcatel basic phone (despite me really, really wanting a Nokia because then I could play snake), Sony Ericsson T610, Palm Treo 650 (full QWERTY keyboard and for a while I was king with a smart phone long before others!), iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 6 Plus, Oppo R9 and soon an Oppo R15 Pro once that contract expires in another month.

Overall not too many phones for over 20 years.


how do you find the oppo brand?? is it just as good as sony ,apple and samsung?


Recently they’ve been pumping out some very good looking all-screen phones. I’m not sure about the quality though.


I’ve been really happy with it. The ColorOS is a bit weird but good for when coming from an iPhone background as it looks exactly like an iPhone but you can still install any other launcher you want on there. My wife has one too and she loves it. It’s still got the look of a fancy phone or an iPhone and all the features I’d needed and good quality but was so much cheaper.
I went from paying around $130 a month on Telstra to now $45 a month on Woolworths Mobile which is still on the Telstra network.


I had two OnePlus phones, the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 5. They’re essentially Oppos (same company owns both) but with OxygenOS - which is very close to stock Android. If you can find one, I’d totally recommend it.