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I once got a Nokia N8 smartphone from 3 Mobile inside 3 Mobile packing and the dam Nokia had no battery in it?

I took it to Nokia Care (remember them?) and they said yep no battery take it back to 3 Mobile shop, so i take it back to 3 Mobile shop and told them what happened and guess what they said? take it to Nokia Care for a replacement …

Needless to say after being given the run around I got the TIO involved and 3 Mobile were not only happy to take the phone back but release me from contract, but that was 2010.


Great story, but what’s a Nokia?


Something from the olden days.


Nokia N8 Smartphone (circa 2010)

Also 3 Mobile was a metro mobile 3G 2100MHz network that was also called 3GIS as it was 50% owned by Telstra, sadly 3 Mobile no longer exists, the parent company Hutchison Telecoms Australian and Vodafone Australia merged operations to form VHA which operates Vodafone Mobile Network.


Nokia are back granted its not the same Nokia where they actually do the manufacturing of the product but Nokia is back designing and using their technology patents for Nokia Smartphones that are made for them by Foxconn.

They are using the Android ONE platform (so that means its as vanilla as vanilla can be and approved by Google to get updates the same time that Pixel devices get updates).

I’m looking to get a Nokia 8 (2018), hopefully it has a battery in it this time :smile:


Nokia was the inventor of the Sidetalking craze!

Go on, check out the link, feel the 90’s web design! Check out the pics, early memes at their finest.

As for Nokia, I worked at one of the care centre’s for a while. Pulled apart many of the phones when they could still be serviced, then they changed to all glued down stuff and impossible to repair without replacing too many parts. N95 and 6085 were the two biggest ones and then everything completely stopped once the iPhone hit the market - even before released in Australia when the original one was being imported, things slowed down.


Nice one, but I was just joking. The first phone I ever had was a Nokia 3315 which I thought af the time was the best thing ever since it was a boost mobile special which came with a quicksilver branded case. It was probably the best phone I’ve ever had tbh since it went through the washing machine and dryer and still worked fine :joy:


thats what i did

all i was waiting on was a software hack to unlock it from AT&T. as soon as this was done i ordered online. Took me 3 days to get one from LA. I would pull it out and people would flip as most had never seen an iphone in real life


VHA and TPG could merge mobile operations, please if they do merge get rid of the Vodafone name.


what’s wrong with the vodafone name?



Since 2011 Vodafone have not advanced anything on their end.


My first phone back in 2001, was a Nokia 3330, which was the same as the 3310 but had WAP.

WAP data was SOOO slow, it made dial up look fast. Now that’s saying something!


My first mobile was the Motorola bag which was also portable via the use of a second transmission pack, that was 1989.

I was also issued with a Uniden AMPS handheld which was a 5WATT brick that made anyone using it after 5 minutes of TX/RX use dizzy and red face.


My first mobile was an LG flip phone which I got in 2005 when I was in Year 5 at school. The closest one I can find online is the LG U300 which matches what I remember when it’s in its closed, but the keypad looks slightly different to what I can remember and the release date is a bit later than what I remember.

It had two screens - one main colour screen that could be used when the phone was flipped open, and a black and white one which was on the back of the main screen which had the time on it and any notifications (missed calls or SMSes) which you could use with the phone closed. You could also make exorbitantly expensive, shit quality video calls and watch “mobile TV” in 176x144 pixel quality, which drained batteries like it was nobody’s business.


This was my first phone - when Boost was still using Optus’ network. Back in Year 5 2010.


I’ve never understood why primary school aged children need a mobile phone.

I was taking one of these to school when I was in year five:



Awesome game, I had the one where you put out fires.


I can understand why kids might need a mobile phone. I don’t believe that the world is less safe than it was in the ‘good old days’, which is usually the rationale for giving kids these phones, but I do believe that they are useful and a lifesaver in an emergency, like if they accidentally get separated from parents in a shopping centre.

At primary school mobile phones were outright banned even during break periods (the phone would be confiscated), but in high school it was a more hands-off approach in breaks, even though the official school policy banned phones at all times.

I remember at lunch time some day in 2011 I fired up my fancy new iPhone to the Google News page and saw the main headline that it had just been announced that Osama Bin Laden was dead. I opened a live stream of ABC News 24 just as Barack Obama started his address and basically everyone (including teachers) gathered around to watch because it was a huge news event.


A had a few of those “Game And Watch”.
They were great.
This was my first one.



yep and Donkey Kong Jnr was fun also.