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I did NOT know that it was possible to spend THIS much on a pair of headphones.

Doesn’t exactly look portable either.


It’s not meant to be portable. This is for the kind of audiophile wanker who has more money than sense. I believe that it’s impossible to hear any difference beyond a certain price point.

The fact that it has a valve based amplifier just confirms to me that it’s a humongous wank, probably aimed at the same people who think that an identical recording cut on a vinyl record sounds better than the exact same recording that has been put on a CD.


Used to be $50,000

Edit: $AUD80k


Just thinking - we have a spare bluetooth Foxtel IQ3 remote I am wondering if it is possible to pair it up with a Raspberry Pi so my parents can have a cheap Netflix box…


Apple is apparently scrambling to fix a bug in their latest operating system update which causes devices to crash if they display the following character: జ్ఞ‌ా


The mass outage has seen customers experiencing widespread issues with the iMessage service — an Apple messaging system that works between Apple products.

Telstra has since said the issue has been resolved.


News Corp at it’s finest. Making it look like it was a massive outage.


Media release from Sunrise:

Facebook accounts around the world have tonight been impacted by a security breach. Australian based news accounts have been targeted in the hack, including Channel 7’s.

Users of trusted news services are being directed to the site of a rabbi, believed to be the former Harvard roommate of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. It is unclear who is behind the hacking or how far reaching it is.


Garmin are discontinuing and removing all Garmin and Navigon navigation apps from the Apple, Google Play and Windows Phone app stores from 14 May. Depending on the subscription the apps should continue to work for another two years. There are a couple of exceptions as explained in the Garmin press release.

I had a Samsung branded Navigon app on the Samsung phone I had about six years ago. It worked fine and was free to use for about two years but then it required a subscription to continue using it. I didn’t bother and started using Google Maps for free. And that is undoubtedly what has caused Garmin to mostly withdraw from the mobile phone navigation market - competition from Google’s free service.


And also now that a lot of new cars came standard with proprietary navigation systems.

This is probably also a sign that dedicated navigation devices like the Navman Drive and TomTom GO could be on the way out too?

Having said that, I did like how the dedicated devices were more customisable than Google/Apple Maps and the standard in car systems.


I really would never go back to using a standalone, non-connected navigation device.

The main problem with TomTom and Navman devices is that they do not pick up most traffic problems. The SUNA service which they operate off of is limited to reporting on major roads and major incidents, while Google/Apple/Waze Maps have traffic speeds for every single section of road across NSW, because every single device with one of those navigation apps open transmits speed information to the app servers, which can detect when there is a slowdown and reroute cars if there’s a problem detected.

I was at the RMS in Parramatta one day and one of the main people there in charge of their data systems said that Google Maps is so accurate in terms of travel time estimates and routing that they’ll tell anyone who contacts them to use it for travel time estimates because it’s more accurate than what the RMS had available in their own systems. They also partnered with Google Maps to provide estimated travel times on electronic message signs across the state.

People often ask me, “Why do you use GPS? Don’t you know where you’re going?” and I basically tell them “I know where I’m going, but Google Maps or Waze knows the fastest route.”

The rise of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in cars shows how standalone systems are dying. Car manufacturers are actually removing dedicated GPS from their cars because people would rather use the navigators in their phones.

I personally use Waze because I believe that it’s by far the most accurate service for travel times (plus it has police radar alerts which is nice).


I was just listening to internet radio on my phone (with headphones), and I thought I would try Shazaming a song on it using the same phone, and to my surprise it worked!

I didn’t even need to have the phone near the headphones.


4G calls on Telstra not getting through this afternoon.


Sucks to be on telstra… lol


Made a call and it was fine :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t affect everyone. I had no probs.


Just got a new lightning adaptor in the mail, for my new iPad (2017/9.7inch).

When I connect to an HDMI cable to any TV… “No signal” (black screen).

So after reading many online forums with similar problems reported but no such luck for me, I connected the Apple-brand charger into the other lightning slot in the adaptor and the lightning bolt flashed for 1sec on the iPad and then said “not charging”.

So upon further reading, the adaptor is shit. I got diddled :pensive:

Obviously has to be an Apple-certified adaptor (which no doubt you’ll all tell me “Luke as if you didn’t know that”).

I’ll go pay 50 or 100 bucks at JBHIFi or Target tomorrow then. Ich bin pissed


Is that Apple’s plan, to try to make you only buy Apple accessories?


What are you trying to do?

Play content from your iPad on your TV?

If so, can you do screen mirroring or something like that?


Yup. Been like that for years now.

Meanwhile my Android phone works with all kinds of cheapy USB-C adaptors that I’ve found online.