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The only Apple I’ve owned was an iPod about ten years ago. I’m happy with an Android phone and Windows laptop.


With Apple stuff, you always need to look for ‘MFI Certified’ Apple accessories (which usually say Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad), which usually cost shitloads compared to cheaper <$10 cables. You can usually get mini/micro/USB-C USB cables for less than $2 each online - and similar pricing for unofficial lightning cables, but cables with Apple’s official certification often costs around $10 each.

Even eBay listings which actually say the phrase ‘MFI Certified’ may be fraudulent if they are unbranded, so I think buying a known brand is essential.

Essentially it means that Apple supplies a chip which makes the accessory ‘compatible’ with all Apple devices and so they get a cut out of every accessory.

The cheap cable manufacturers often develop workarounds, but they are often disabled with the next software update and then everyone has to cope with ‘this accessory is not compatible with this iPhone’ messages.

The 30 pin connector never had this problem, but the Lightning cables enabled them to implement this kind of thing.


Kogan is alright for Apple cables but :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


El correcto :+1:

(via HDMI cable, not AirPlay or WiFi or whatever, as TVs are a bit too dated)

Thank you. Best few paragraphs I’ve read yet regarding this.

Everybody with similar queries should be linked here!


Something odd with my Firefox browser. Since yesterday, when I type in the website address for SBS, the browser does not react at all. However if I go to SBS’s The World Game soccer website and click on the link for SBS main website, it loads the content. Alternatively if I use Microsoft Edge to visit the SBS website there is no problems. Anyone else have similar problems?


I get the USB-C ones from MiniSo. $4.95 and works quite well.


Check out those phones!

Who remembers this now-defunct mobile phone operator? My parents always complained that it was the shittest network and had terrible coverage. It was probably worse than Three.

I remember when they were just starting up they set up a ball pit in the local shopping centre with just orange coloured balls. That was fun.


They had a very patchy CDMA network that never got a national roll out as they (Hutchison) decided to focus on their 3 brand post 2003.


Or tell your friends about One Tel!

The one James Packer was involved in that had an almighty collapse.

Note how the prices were so much higher back then too.


One interesting thing is that those ads I posted above are in widescreen, even though they were aired in 2001. You can see a dodgy edit where they’ve adjusted the framing of a shot, and used a dodgy fill-in of the 16:9 frame so that there isn’t a black bar.

I had no idea that ads were being produced in widescreen at such an early point.

I think this ad posted by the same YT channel would have come out in the same time period as well (I don’t think using ‘short people’ as Christmas elves would fly in this day and age):


Orange and Three were two brands owned by the same company (Hutchison Telecom of Hong Kong). The Orange brand only exists now in France and is the current name of the country’s largest telco formerly known as France Telecom.


I was a customer of orange when they first started. they had a deal where you could make calls from your “home zone” and “work zone” at landline rates - i remember going to all 4 corners of my yard to set up my “home zone”

I also used 3 once i moved on - main reason being that three had live streaming from the big brother house (the joys of being a teen) - i watched the crap out of it on that little screen


We didn’t have 3 in Tasmania but I used to repair mobile phones for my job and we would always receive phones from the mainland for repair, which were often locked to 3 and needed to be tested with a 3 SIM card, which couldn’t be purchased in Tasmania so we had to get other branches to send us SIM cards and we had to make really sure we didn’t accidentally leave them in a phone.


You have to wonder about the bitter and twisted minds of some people in our society.

At the link below is the “Top 100” passwords

Entries 47 and 63 caught my eye


90 was interesting.


Yeah, not an easy one to remember!


I wonder what the rank of fuckyou2 or fuckyou3 is? :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably pretty low. People usually only put a ‘1’ after the password because the site enforces a mandatory number to be placed somewhere in the password.


Say if I decide to upgrade a new laptop that has warranty (RAM and whatnot) do I lose this warranty or do I get to keep it?


I believe that under the Australian Consumer Law, yes you are able to replace the RAM and HDD without voiding the warranty - this applies even if you have to get past a ‘warranty void if removed’ sticker, but many laptops will have access panels for commonly replaced things like RAM or HDDs at the bottom that mean you don’t have to take the whole case off.

The general rule is that if a component is easily swapped out using a modular connector, you can replace it without worrying about warranty. However, swapping any components out may allow the manufacturer to say “your component caused a power surge etc etc”, and the onus on disproving this claim would be on you.

However, if the components soldered to the board it won’t be considered a user-replaceable component and upgrading these will void your warranty.