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Obviously AI hasn’t learned how to recognise stupid questions yet. Or maybe it was a deliberate tongue in cheek response!


Saw this on-line :radio: Nostalgia


i actually wouldn’t mind a setup like that. i’ve been looking for one with tape deck, AM & FM, CD player and inputs (i already have a technics turntable) preferably in a glass cabinet with “clickey” doors


You should have contacted me 2.5 years ago.
Had exactly all that in late 80’s era Technics brand & clickey glass cabinet doors.
Went on FB Market place…

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Users can now edit messages after they are sent, share hotspots, switch between devices on calls, remix emojis and more.

This feature has been available for Apple iPhone users since the release of iOS 16 in 2022.

Android users will soon be able to connect their Android tablet or Chromebook to their phone’s hotspot without typing in a password.

Users can also change devices in the middle of a Google Meet call by tapping the Cast icon.

Another new feature announced is the ability to combine emojis in what Google has dubbed its “Emoji Kitchen”.

Users can also now control their most-used smart devices from their home screens, by adding the Google Home Favourites widget to their home screen.


That was my dream hi fi set up when i was a kid.

Looks like that unit also had DAT (Digital Audio Tape), which was probably even less successful than AM stereo!

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Apple are finally moving into the AI space, with ChatGPT being built into Siri in the next OS update

Be interesting to see how this goes.


“I wanted to show that nature can still beat the machine and that there is still merit in real work from real creatives,” Astray tells PetaPixel over email.