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Wish they release Gen 2 of AirPod Pro Max

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Gen 1 is already overpriced… I shudder to think what they’d charge for a Gen 2 version.

Don’t get me wrong, they are still good headphones, I would consider one if they weren’t so heavily tied to the iOS system and worked better just as ordinary bluetooth or even wired headphones.

You’d be hard pressed :wink: to find any creative professional who likes the ad for the new Apple iPad that features a huge hydraulic press crushing artefacts of human and digital culture.

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I don’t get the hate? What’s wrong with it? Very creative.

Very briefly. It is crushing items that humans have used over time to be creative like musical instruments, art supplies, books etc Totally destroying them and replacing with a piece of technology. So it seems like AI replacing human creativity and invention. You don’t need real world things like paint, books, a piano, paper - destroy them all and replace with our technology.

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A bit misleading though - you can do that much more easily on a PC or a Mac. Tablets were never designed to be productivity devices, more as an entertainment and consumption device.


Apple Apologises And Pulls Controversial iPad Ad


Isn’t it just showing all that the iPad can do/a representation of all that’s inside?

Destroying existing art and culture?

It’s not that deep though. It’s not a threat from Apple saying “we’re going to destroy all the clay sculptures”.

But that’s how people have interpreted it and that’s Apple’s problem now.


The Apple crusher ad featured on Gruen tonight as well.

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As part of the redundancy announcement, Telstra also revealed that it would drop controversial inflation-linked price increases from its post-paid mobile plans.

CEO Vicky Brady said that meant there would be no price rise on July 1.

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wait for the raise in august at greater than inflation.

Google has announced a new fibre optic cable from Kenya to South Africa, then across the Indian Ocean to Australia.


What advantages would this have?

Direct connectivity to Africa - diversifying connectivity is important, a link between South Africa and WA gives redundancy that we don’t currently have (most WA links head into SE Asia)