Taskmaster Australia

I went and watched the first episode filming on Monday, it was a really good cast and episode. Season 3 looks promising. They will need to stop Josh from talking so much though. :joy:

I didn’t reveal the names on here because they asked us nicely not to, but I guess it was just a matter of time.


And was a revelation on an otherwise really poor season.

I went and saw Ep 5 and there was some banter from Josh related to a particular task that I’m waiting to see if it makes the edit :joy:

It’s taken them their sweet time to get Season 2 out the door… But I watched them film the first episode of Season 2 and the lineup just didn’t really do it for me, except Aaron Chen. You’d think they’d have Season 2 airing now if they wanted to do 2 seasons per year like the U.K.

I’m not convinced they want to show 2 seasons a year, and indeed it might be a bit much. If they were shorter seasons maybe but not 10 eps. I’m not sure on their thinking of getting them in the can so early - could be due to cost or talent/crew availability (they film the tasks in NZ so maybe go back to back with their filming?) or could be just have something new in the can if some other show flops :man_shrugging: