Taskmaster Australia

Tom Gleeson Takes Comedians To Task.

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Taskmaster. Hosted By Tom Gleeson And Tom Cashman.

BAFTA-winning and International Emmy-nominated comedy powerhouse Taskmaster is set to unleash the LOLs on Australian screens in 2023.

Tom Gleeson stars as the Taskmaster, with Tom Cashman his devoted assistant. Each week the two Toms set five comedians a range of ridiculous tasks designed to bamboozle brains and put funny bones to the test.

Who’ll master the tasks? The cleverest clogs will score the most points from the Taskmaster, while bemusement and bafflement will be rewarded with the fewest points. At series’ end, the comedian with the most points will be crowned Taskmaster champion.

And who exactly are these funny folk, ready to risk their reputations on TV’s most ludicrous, laugh-out-loud comedy show? None other than Julia Morris, Luke McGregor, Jimmy Rees, Nina Oyama and Danielle Walker!

Taskmaster Tom Gleeson said: “Taskmaster is a popular comedy game show from the UK where the host belittles comedians while they carry out tedious tasks.

“People have been asking me to host an Australian version for years. How could I say no? Hosting this show is a bloody match made in heaven!”

Adapted from the hit UK format of the same name, Taskmaster promises to be light on seriousness and heavy on laughs.

Produced by Avalon / Kevin & Co, executive producers are Alex Horne, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, James Taylor, Jon Thoday and Andy Devonshire (The Apprentice and The Great British Bake Off), who also acts as Series Director.


This sounds really interesting. I wonder if this will be a semi stripped show in the same way as Survivor is and air at 7:30 or whether it will be an 8:30 program.


I sincerely hope it isn’t as bad as the NZ version!

You’d think Tom Gleeson would be a drawcard - though I suppose even Shaun Micallef could save Eisteddfod.


jimmy rees is my drawcard to this show

Luke McGregor…. Seriously Ten?


I’d take Luke over Nina. She was a very awkward guest on Letters and Numbers. Trying hard to crack supposed jokes that nobody laughed at.

I really hope not

The second season of the NZ version has to been one of the best seasons across all versions

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From the clip of 10’s schedule it does look like it will be multiple nights a week.

I would’ve thought this was a once a week type show at 8:30.

They could put it 8:30 Tuesdays before The Cheap Seats returns. Similar scheduling strategy to Would I lie to you.

That way they have two prime time shows on Monday and Tuesday for 40 weeks by actually programming the 8:30 slot all year round with Australian content. They could have also done this wednesday if they had 40 weeks of Australian drama. But ofc we know they’d never commission 40 hours of scripted content.

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I’d love for this to just be one hour once a week episodes. But alas, it will probably be stripped across Wednesday and Thursday.

Deadline reports the first season will have 10 episodes, with challenges having been filmed in a studio in Melbourne, and on location in NZ.

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Wait… Challenges filmed in New Zealand?

Using the resources of the NZ version?

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Must be. Just seems odd they’d get everyone to New Zealand to film the challenges. Its not like Taskmaster needs/uses extravagant set ups? I wonder what the rationale is behind that?

Maybe they’ll just do all the same challenges as the NZ version.

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That would make sense. Just a shame it’s not being done in Australia when it very easily could be. But I’m sure they’ve got their reasons.

Hope he does the act where he pretends to be awkward!


“oh I’m so shy and awkward”
“here’s a list of 10 shows I’ve been on where I get increasingly more awkward as the years progress”

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