Talking Footy


A bit like when 9 hosts cricket or tennis from their news set. Who cares. It looks completely different to the news. Average viewers wouldn’t know.


Seven even showed a flashback from Talking Footy in 1995, with Bruce McAvaney, Mike Sheahan and Malcolm Blight.


That was really nice.

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Did this air tonight? It’s good they’ve found some semblance of professional attire this year but why do they need to be standing at the desk?

9:30 - 10:30 in AFL states although running late due to front bar over run

The “Say That Again” segment is back however due to the supposed threat of legal action from Luke Darcy, the segment is no longer using the iconic video clip of Darcy saying “Say that again…”


Is it on 7mate in nsw and qld?

Both aired on Channel 7 at 8:30pm and 9:30pm as per VIC schedule too.

Good to have it back. Bruce, Caro and Walls were hosting in 2001 the last year of 7’s OG run with Caro at 9 and Walls going to Ten

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What on earth…how petty of him. :roll_eyes:

At least the segment is back, even if it’s at a compromise.


It lingered on until 2004, despite 7 losing the AFL rights, with Watson and Parkin.

Here’s an ep; feels weird seeing AFL stuff with that graphics package from 7


So that’s where the old sunrise desk went to.

They are obviously using the set to reduce costs with it being an automated studio.

I don’t mind it. Looks fine.


I’m surprised that Bruce stopped hosting it, would of given him something to do while Seven didn’t have much sport.

Quick question, but did the opening use the old Talking Footy theme.

Yes, good to have it back.

Talking Footy is now a historical brand within the Seven Network.

Sports World on Sunday Mornings would be another great come back.


I suspect that was a gag rather than an actual threat.


That’s a shame. I also think it’s possibly because Darce is no longer part of the show.

Tim Watson indicated at the end of the show that ‘Say That Again’ needed more work, it definitely felt flatter without Luke Darcy’s grab, going from the clips with Watto’s into to a graphic swipe saying “Say That Again” to forced giggles mainly from JB. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Darce’s return next week, just made it instantly funnier each time.

Yes, it absolutely was. Can’t believe a couple of MS members here legitimately thought differently LOL.


Guilty :face_with_peeking_eye::raising_hand_man:t3:

Then how come they aren’t playing it? It’s obviously the most memorable part of the segment.

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