Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


Best freeways? Yes.

Best public transport? Debatable. Sydney’s train network shits on Melbourne’s, partly because rail patronage has always been high due to our inadequate road network meaning investment has always been high. Melbourne had only a third of the rail patronage of Sydney until very recently. The inadequacy of the train network in Melbourne is offset by the tram network in the inner city, which is given lots of priority.

I’d be curious to see what they consider the definition of ‘city’. Do they include the metropolitan area, or are they just basing it off of the ‘city’?


In terms of “infrastructure”, perhaps all the road projects currently underway or planned?

Nearly every major arterial the past 12 months has some form of (frustrating!) works happening.

Once completed though, nearly every freeway in Melbourne will be at the worlds best standards (technology, management, maintenance and modern road design + even more capacity :open_mouth: )

I’m intrigued to see if the “Managed Freeway” system being installed along the M2 (Tullamarine Fwy / CityLink) corridor, will have the same impact / work as well as the M1, which has been active in full since at least 2011.


Which train would you rather board?


or this:


To be honest both cities PT systems are pretty shit compared to the rest of the Western world, especially with some extremely efficient Asian countries.


People often compare our transport systems to other Asian and European cities where the population is either much larger, or they’re packed into a denser area. I think our PT systems compare quite favourably to similar sized cities.


I’ll apply the same logic you used, but reverse it:

Would you rather board?

Or this:


At least we learned to maintain our tracks after Granville, unlike Metro/VLine/VicTrack:





Ah yes, the joys of privatisation, something Sydney will look forward to in the future.


Double decker trains can get fucked! I have hit my head every single time I’ve been on one while in Sydney.


Pass me the popcorn please :wink: PS Toowoomba QLD has been awarded the title of “The Best Place to Live” in Australia :crazy_face:


I can’t believe Moree didn’t win that title, hat!


I sprained my wrist while opening the doors on a Melbourne train. What kind of backward city has trains with doors that you have to open yourself?!?!


Guess you caught the train at the wrong time then. Melbourne does have trains that have automatic doors. More automatic door trains than the older style ones that you open yourself


How do you sprain a wrist opening a door?


Must be difficult getting in and out of a car lol


How do you hit your head on a double deck train?


I’ve never been to Sydney in my life and don’t plan to.

You were supposed to be replying to @Moe



Not on any trains that i have caught but then i don’t live in a fancy suburb that probably gets the rolls royce trains :thinking:



The Newcastle/Wollongong/Blue Mountains trains all have manual doors and operate within the suburban network.