Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


I’m on the Craigieburn Line so that’s nothing fancy ha. We get the Comeng and Siemens


I think that’s what i get. The old Comeng doors are opened manually though. I think the siemens ones have a push button to open?


Sucked in, Melbourne


Well at least we have a night life…


I’m sure the Sydney/national media will get into an absolute frenzy when the 2028 solar eclipse happens! :open_mouth:


A deconstructed rum and coke sounds like shit tho.


When the Logies come out of Sydney maybe I will consider watching it.



How’s that working out for you?


Sydney get tropical summers.


No thanks.

I prefer Melbourne’s scorching dry heatwaves anyday in February (bar the devestating bushfires & during the tennis :disappointed_relieved:)


While Sydney’s climate can get rather humid and stormy at times during the Summer, it’s probably more of a borderline subtropical climate than the type of tropical Summer weather you’d expect in Northern Australia.

We also get scorching heatwaves (including days over 40 degrees) and yes, even some nice weather from time to time during the warmer months of the year.

Umm…you are aware there’s been major bushfire events (the 1990s and Early 2000s were particularly bad) in Sydney/NSW over the years, right?


We hear about Melbourne from time to time on the news when the weather is particularly bad. We watch The Wrong Girl and Offspring. We tune in for the Australian Open once a year, and maybe, if we can be bothered, make a holiday out of it. But as a general rule, we could not care less about comparing the two cities.

Sydney’s natural landscape also obviously trumps Melbourne’s, be it rainforests or beaches. Not that it is ever really beach weather in Melbourne, which spends three-quarters of its year in the depths of winter.


I think Sydney-siders are a bunch of flogs tbh.


and the Mornington Peninsula is full of bogans and junkies lol


The day Luke jumped the shark.


I see :expressionless:

Frankston is not part of the Mornington Peninsula, as much as they’d love to be


LOL, I’m talking about Rosebud, Rye, Dromana etc all feral cesspits



And now we wait for the Frankston article to receive a sudden edit from an anonymous source removing all references to “Mornington Peninsula”.


Article in The Age, suggesting Melbourne is already bigger than Sydney :open_mouth:

Did not know Sydney’s population included Central Coast! If you remove that…

(ABS data/boundaries).