Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


nahnahnah m8 m8 m8, over here we don’t get cyclones and floods like every two years. Trains stop at each station also we don’t have shitty lockout laws (unlike Sydney). We got some sick stuff here (kings park is like the shit!) and export is way better than XXXX.

As for Darwin…


After a brief supremacy due to its airport toilets, Brisbane has lost out to Sydney as Australia’s best city.


Is it safe for him to be in Sydney considering Richard Wilkins works and resides there? Wilkins has already killed him off once.


An important overview of Brisbane Airport’s world class toilets. Obviously a big deal.


With its $1 million median house price, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of people from outside of Sydney are turning down well-paid job offers that are based in the city.


An interesting bit about this is:

But while young people – between 25 to 44 – are moving out of Greater Sydney, there’s not the same number of young people moving in.

Melbourne on the other hand only faced losses of those aged 45 and over.

In other words, it means that Sydney’s population would become more older as more younger people move to Melbourne, either from other parts of Australia or overseas.


I have lived in (inner) Melbourne for 10 years and currently live in (inner) Sydney for the past 8 years.

Here’s the deal.

Melbourne is culturally and architecturally more interesting and easy to drive in (built on a NY like grid system). It’s more livable and lovable.

Sydney is your tarty cousin who loves to party. The beaches and views are sublime and the vibe electric. If you want to reach the heights professionally, it’s where it is at.

But at the end of the day, you can’t beat that bloody harbour. She knows how to turn it on.

So for me, Sydney wins.


For the 7th year in a row, Melbourne is crowned the world’s most liveable city according to The Economist.

Sydney didn’t make the top 10, in which it was ranked at 11th place, with both Adelaide (=5th with Calgary) & Perth (7th) outranking the Harbour City.


Between overpopulation, a chronically congested roads/public transport network and a climate which is becoming increasingly uncomfortable during the warmer months of the year, I can’t imagine why Sydney didn’t make the top ten list of the world’s most liveable cities…


Don’t forget the ridiculously high median property prices that Sydney has, in which their median house price is approaching $1.2 million, whilst median apartment prices are above $700,000. By comparison, Melbourne is quite a bit cheaper, with their median house price at around $865,000, whilst median apartment prices are around $475,000.


Listening to 3AW in the mornings for any period you’d be forgiven for thinking Melbourne is the crime capital of Australia.

The quality of life for people living in Sydney has plummeted over the past two decades and I’d put that down to overpopulation. The city is being loved to death. Immigration has its place but Sydney just can’t keep up with the number of people flooding in each year. I really feel for the next generation who will never be able to take advantage of job opportunities in Sydney because housing is unaffordable, for renters and buyers, and too much of your day is spent in traffic. I’ll be moving well away when it comes time to retire.


Here’s Sydney’s take on the story, which reveals the reason on why the city has slipped on the global liveability rankings.


And, ah…

You’re assuming Melbourne isn’t overcrowded, doesn’t have chronically congested roads & a stinker summer?



I can’t believe that I forgot to mention Sydney’s ridiculous property prices earlier. Yep, that’s certainly a major problem with houses selling for over $1 million in many of the more desirable places to live in the city!

I’m not assuming that Melbourne doesn’t have similar problems, but I do think they’re all at least slightly worse in Sydney.

Personally I think Sydney is a city that can sustainably support around 2.5 million, maybe 3 million people at best. But the population has surpassed (or has come very close to) the 5 million mark recently. Despite that, I do believe that there are people who run this city and state who would really like to see Sydney become a global megacity with a population of 7.5 million, maybe even 10 million or more.

Personally I think state & federal governments need to be doing more to not only encourage people who currently live in the cities to move to the regions, but also encouraging newcomers to Australia to settle somewhere other than Sydney or Melbourne. But that’s a debate for another time and thread.

As far as Sydney’s climate is concerned, unfortunately “the warmer months of the year” around here are basically from October to March/April these days.


Melbourne scored perfect for education, health & infrastructure.

Start there :+1:




Best freeway and public transport network in the land?? (And I’m not talking congestion or delays…)



The mere presence of delays and congestion undermines the “perfect score” of Melbourne’s infrastructure…


Infrastructure encompasses a lot, not just if traffic or trains are flowing smoothly


But delays and congestion are imperfections, no? Not a perfect score then :slight_smile: