Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


Admittedly I don’t know that much about Melbourne, but isn’t Toorak also a rich suburb like Point Piper (and Potts Point) is here in Sydney?



I wouldn’t have thought Potts Point would be up there.

More likely Vaucluse, Elizabeth Bay, Mosman or Cremorne.



Toorak is expensive but Point Piper is next level, a house sold in the suburb earlier this year for $100m+. The people who can afford Point Piper are the ones who own the companies that the expats work for.

Most expats are skilled white collar workers, not hugely paid executives (though obviously there are some of those too). You’ll find them in all the usual well-off parts of Sydney (Inner West, South East, North Shore for families etc). Don’t know about Melbourne but I imagine it’s much the same.



It’s one of Melbourne’s most affluent suburbs yes, possibly the richest. As most are in the eastern, inner-south east and Bayside suburbs. It has been Australia’s most expensive and/or richest suburb in the past too.

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Hunters Hill, Woolwich is also quite nice. North shore, Eastern Suburbs with its fine Sydney harbour view will always outshine Melbourne.



I agree. Potts Point is far too close to seedy old Kings Cross to be considered a prestigious suburb, surely?

I’m getting flashbacks to 1993 and the two weeks I stayed in a rooming house in Potts Point when I was looking for somewhere to live in Sydney. It was the height of summer and I barely slept for those two weeks. Air conditioners in neighbouring buildings were noisy, junkies and prostitutes screamed in the street all night and the nearby pizza restaurant reeked.

You’d think after that experience I wouldn’t have stayed in the equivalent Melbourne suburb ten years later. I lasted one night in St Kilda before opting for somewhere a little quieter.



That whole area has gentrified massively in recent years. It’s almost all apartments so will never match its more upmarket neighbours to the east but the area is becoming very popular among young professionals and arty downsizers.

Chris Bath lives in Potts Point so it can’t be too bad :laughing:




“Sydney Syndrome” aka an early mid-life crisis.



Melbourne ranked 22 while Sydney did not make the top 30 global cities on the Savills UK Tech Cities in Motion report. The Victorian capital beat out Seoul, the home of Samsung, and China’s tech capital Shenzhen.

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How is it in the worst city list when its a list of the top 48 cities? it wasn’t a survey for the worst cities was it? I don’t really get the article.



I agree, there are definitely MORE than 50 cities in the world! :smile:

Somewhere like Damascus (Syria) would be listed as the worst otherwise.

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It basically ranks Sydney as 38th best city in the world which is quite good considering theres 1000’s of cities in the world

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As Melbourne looks to overtake Sydney as Australia’s largest city sometime in the next decade, do people here think that TV & radio broadcasters will eventually have to shift their headquarters/main studios South with the Melbourne stations eventually taking over the “network flagship” status that those in Sydney hold currently?



No. California is way bigger than New York state and things are still HQ’ed in NYC.



I think that’s more of a time zone thing. But it is a good point. It’s unlikely they’ll move.



The thing that matters more is where their talent would rather live, and given the Sydney centric nature of a lot of national media, it’s natural that they would have a lot of them with connections to Sydney, even if Melbourne was the bigger city.

That said, it’s telling when there are radio stations struggling to get hosts of Sydney shows to actually live there…



More to do with the fact that most are comics, and comedy is bigger in Melbourne.