Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


I wasn’t asking for advice.

That was essentially what I was saying. I even use my phone and I find my 4G slower in places like Sydney and Melbourne compared to when I have been to Brisbane and lived in Adelaide.

Its a conversation that didn’t really need the attitude. Fair enough it could just be luck, it could just be coincidence. But it didn’t need the condescending comments.


Fair enough. I didn’t mean to offend you. The internet is a subject I enjoy reading about and understanding. Perhaps I overestimate other people’s understanding of it.

The state of the copper network is terrible and I absolute hate Telstra for letting it get that way. It’s the same literally everywhere, including Adelaide, but especially regional and remote Australia. Thank your lucky stars if you get good NBN because you will definitely be in the minority.

An option for you could be Optus’ new Home Wifi package. But if 4G is congested regularly then maybe it wouldn’t solve anything.


Guys. Guys. The antidote is the NBN


Thank goodness that common sense has prevailed here:


Good step, program cost should heavily deacrease for a only-20 year stadium where a need to increase capacity isn’t an issue.


Hopefully they put more money into Allianz at Moore Park now.
That stadium needs it more.
I’d go as far as to say that should be a 60,000 seat stadium to take advantage of the light rail.


The stadium barely justifies 45k seats let alone 60k. There just aren’t enough events in Sydney to support it, and those events that can should be concentrated at ANZ where they are more accessible to more people rather than spending huge amounts of money on empty seats.

I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with Luke Foley on anything before but I do agree with him on this. Why does Moore Park need a $750m 45k seat stadium to serve the same club competition and crowds that will have to make do with a $300m 30k seat stadium in Parramatta? The big events should all be going to Homebush.


Never made any sense.

I acknowledge that they may have tried to grab the stadium ploy from the WA Libs however the Barnett Liberal government was replacing Subiaco Oval, a 45,000 capacity heritage stadium with no refurbishments since 1997 (and it was basically falling apart at this stage) that was only suited to AFL -not to mention that until Perth Stadium was finished to completion Perth had no stadium at a global standard if Australia was to ever launch a world cup bid.

In comparison the Sydney Olympic stadium is barely 20 years old!


I don’t think ANZ Stadium is even 20 years old yet!

Not sure when it was 100% completed, but the Grand Opening with the NRL Double Header & Bee Gees “One Night Only” concert happened in March 1999.


Melbourne is the fastest growing city in Australia over the 2016-17 financial year.


I went to that double header. Ray Hadley said on 2UE that day that there were a handful of tickets still available so I immediately called Ticketek and grabbed a couple.


Sydney 5.13m
Melbourne 4.85m
Brisbane 2.40m
Perth 2.04m
Adelaide 1.33m

Sydney and Melbourne continue to grow by over 100k each year.
Brisbane is picking up growth, while Perth has stalled.
Melbourne should past the 5m mark within 2 years.
Melbourne is now on track to overtake Sydney by 2030. The gap is only roughly 280k between the big two. In 2000 it is was roughly 700k.


Interesting that despite the attention paid to the housing shortage / property prices in Hobart recently, population growth numbers remain low.

Really confirms that the impact is from AirBNB / Holiday rentals.


Yeah, it’s really strange that situation that so many people are getting kicked out of houses so the owners can put them on AirBNB and the families are forced to live in tents in places like the Hobart Showgrounds. I must say, the guy running the Showgrounds, Scott Gadd has really done a good job by providing facilities he shouldn’t have to do and for raising the attention of the issue. He’s become a counsellor, mediator, caretaker, social worker, real estate agent and everything outside of his actual role to help. I wonder if any of the people would move outside of Hobart to the other regions in the state instead if they could.


Is there enough tourist demand to satisfy that - or are you seeing a bunch of motels/holiday parks shutting down as the visitors shift?


To be honest, haven’t paid that close attention to it until recently but certainly have been hearing things over the past few months about the Showgrounds and a group kicked out from Glenorchy last week too and now as heading into winter it’s becoming more and more stories.

It must be getting some income for the owners though if they are able to kick out rentals for it. I remember when I lived there nearly 10 years ago that things were moving to the point that you needed to have the rental application filled out to hand in when you inspected to have an increased chance, now there’s times where there’s 20 people plus with their applications at the rental inspections because there’s less and less of them.


Had no idea David Jones moved its HQs to Melbourne??
It was reported in The Australian the other day.

A slap in the face to Sydney was fashion retailer David Jones’ relocation of its head office to Melbourne, bringing 820 jobs to Victoria. When South Africa’s Woolworths Holdings, which owns David Jones and Country Road, announced the move in 2016, group chief executive Ian Moir said it was “a no-brainer”.

“Melbourne really is the fashion centre, the fashion capital of Australia, it’s the retail centre of Australia,” Moir said, adding that Melbourne had a better talent pool and real estate costs were lower.




Australia’s Twin Urban Giants.

Australia is on the cusp of some eye-catching milestones.

Next week the national population will hit 25 million, having added the latest million in record time.

A few weeks after that Melbourne’s population is set to pass 5 million, a yardstick Sydney reached only two years ago.

Really good report on both cities.