Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


I did laugh at that! Haha but they are actually different recipes


It’s rock melon out West


No, but it’s the new groove in your neighbourhood, but it doesn’t taste so good to me.


Yeah what’s with Victoria’s inferior biscuits?


Sydney is now among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, up from 14th place last year.


Tell me about it. I suspect they’ll find a way to bugger up the incentives to get us out west.


I’ve just moved to Melbourne and back from a holiday to Sydney. How do you all put up with the extra slow broadband speed? Not even Adelaide is that slow.


Are you sure you’re not just unlucky? Broadband speed varies, even between neighbours on the same street.


I know someone else who moved from adelaide that said the same thing.


wow antidotal evidence, the best kind!


I live in Sydney and my internet speeds at home are fantastic.

But at the same time, I’m sure there’s areas of the metropolitan area where they absolutely suck.


I know it’s just anacdotal evidence, but I swear it was spelt anacdotal.




I antidote on everything! :stuck_out_tongue:


My bus was late. Therefore, all buses in this city are always late. My friend from another city agrees.


Yep, what he said.


Not sure how that relates. Just comparing internet speed from one city to the other. I’ve heard it from many people. Someone on the project even mentioned how slow internet speed was…

Maybe you both haven’t experienced fast internet speed.


My point was the whole country suffers with inconstant internet speeds, even with the NBN, and it’s just random luck if you get a fast or slow connection.


So your point didn’t have anything to do with buses?

And if you read my initial post I asked how do people deal with slow internet speeds in Melbourne and Sydney? Perhaps because Adelaide is smaller there are faster connections? I think my question was valid and didn’t need the post suggesting it was idiotic…


I was comparing buses with the internet. Buses are randomly late everywhere just like internet is randomly slow everywhere.

Your original post didn’t come across as you asking for advice. It came across as Sydney and Melbourne are slower than Adelaide because of your experiences. I’m simply saying that it’s not true because Telstra’s network is broken everywhere and the NBN’s flawed FTTN technology still leaves problem areas. If anything the Sydney and Melbourne areas have access to HFC so the chances of getting slow internet would be less.