Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


Sydney’s a shithole. Enough said. Already planning my exit out.

Unless you’re a stadium or a road, Gladys and her band of merry idiots don’t give a shit. And even then, they do a half arsed job.


I don’t necessarily think Melbourne is much better. Both Sydney and Melbourne have their own pros and cons but both are exceptional places to live by international standards.

What we need to return to is decentralised planning. Places like Geelong, Ballarat, Albury-Woodonga, Dubbo, Newcastle and right up the Queensland coast need long-term investment from all three levels of government to encourage people to move there and promote business. Even Adelaide is falling behind the Big Three eastern cities in terms of growth and opportunities.


This is happening quite quickly in Geelong. NDIS, WorkCover, TAC all housed/being housed there. Deakin Uni growing, new private hospital and land being opened continuously for construction. It lacks proper PTV though with lack of forward thinking other than “future plans”.


Government departments are only a small part of the solution, as even the biggest of those can only have a small impact. There needs to be incentives for private businesses to move/setup/stay in regional areas. Unfortunately these downs are their own worst enemy as any plans for expansion as often met with opposition from locals who like the sleepy town feel and cheap property prices.


Yes, I read somewhere recently that NIMBYism is one of the biggest impediments to any sort of change.

Unfortunately there are some people who just don’t like change.



Yes, I’ve always thought the notion of “Western Sydney” was a bit vague.
Where does it start and end?

I don’t know that residents in Balmain would consider themselves as “Western Sydney” when they are west of the Sydney CBD. They would probably say they are part of Sydney or inner Sydney, but not Western Sydney.


Starting from the centre of Sydney and going West, I’d probably consider Balmain and most suburbs until about Concord to be in Sydney’s Inner West, with Olympic Park and further on being a part of Western Sydney.


There was the Red Rooster line that was brought up.

I’d define “Western Sydney” as being (starting from the Hawkesbury River in the north):

  • Anywhere west of Berowra Creek between the Hawkesbury River near Bar Point to the intersection of Beecroft Road and Pennant Hills Road at Pennant Hills

  • Anywhere west of A28/Pennant Hills Road between Beecroft Road and A6/Marsden Road

  • Anywhere west of the A6 corridor between A28/Pennant Hills Road to the Woronora River Bridge at Engadine

  • Finally anywhere west of the Woronora River and Lake Woronora south of Engadine

So it’d look like this:

Some areas I’d be a bit flexible with the line. In the Pennant Hills and Carlingford area I’d make the line err a bit to the west, and in the Lidcombe/Bankstown areas I’d probably want it to go a bit more east.

I’d probably let the line go a bit further west in the Menai area.


The bit on the map that was scribbled up with “CENSORED” fairly crudely drawn on…not a fan of that part of Sydney, I presume?


It’s because GMaps displays my location and details of some appointment I have in the near future on the map itself.


Ahh, fair enough.




I do. That is, if my employer doesn’t screw us around any further.


I just read a comment on the topic of the rockmelon crisis saying that the media reporting has been inadequate because Victorians call them ‘cantaloupe’ and not ‘rockmelon’, and thus people in Victoria were not getting the message that there was a recall that might have pertained to them. Is this true?

I know that everywhere else in the world they’re called ‘cantaloupe’, but I didn’t know the name varied from state to state.


rubbish, they’re called both in Victoria.


Given your employer, that’s a guarantee!


Sorry, i’ve not kept up with the news - but has a 80s/90s Australian Pop Group reformed?


Let’s hope there isn’t a Jatz recall any time soon!