Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


Although Sydney & Melbourne traffic is probably the worst anywhere in the country, I would’ve thought that all of Australia’s major metropolitan areas (and even some major regional areas) have problems with traffic…


From Fairfax today.


Nice graph, but as per usual the more interesting story is buried. Almost 5000 a week going to Vic, but almost the same number going to Queensland, which is a smaller state.

Once again the media is concerned with Sydney and Melbourne and pretends like other cities don’t exist.


Why is the speed limit set so high on Hoddle Street with footpaths directly adjacent to the roadway, and trees and intersections everywhere? Especially when nearby roads have a 40km/h speed limit attached to them?

This is from the state that brought you the ‘every 1km/h you do over the speed limit kills a puppy’ road safety campaign.


Because the Metropolitan Route 29 (Hoddle St/Punt Rd corridor) is classified by VicRoads as a “Primary State Arterial”.

Certain design / speed limits / rules hence apply.

Traffic volumes (as one of Melbourne’s busiest non-Freeway arterials) would also play a part.

80km/h is generally considered the ‘dangerous’ speed zone.


Nine Melbourne’s Tony Jones getting a bit jealous.


Did the Australian Turf Club (organiser of The Everest) realise that the Melbourne Cup took more than 150 years to build up its reputation? It can’t be accelerated by money.


They’ve been running those ads all over Sydney for the past few weeks.


The Melbourne Cup is all about history/tradition/icon status.

I couldn’t believe that either.

Surely (as much as many New South Welshman would be strong patriots) would cringe seeing that ad too?


I’d probably say there isn’t really the same level of patriotism/state pride here in NSW than there is in other states.

Also, I’m pretty sure most people here in Sydney and NSW are more than accepting of the fact that the Melbourne Cup is Australia’s premier thoroughbred horse race.


Yep, I don’t think anybody up here particularly cares. If anything I think people would find the trolling funny rather than cringeworthy, especially given the precious reaction we’ve seen from many Victorians.


Yes, I was surprised that the Herald Sun even agreed to run an ad like that.

It’s not likely to go down well with it’s Victorian readers, though I’m sure the newspaper and advertiser were both hoping that readers would either get half a giggle or see it as tongue in cheek and not take it seriously. I don’t think anyone much would have made travel plans for it as a result.

Also odd that the advertiser would run an ad for something that is still 11 months away.



Both cities say they’re “Number 1”.

How can there therefore never not be a rivalry :wink:

Don’t forget Melbourne are the world’s No. 1 city, sporting capital and have everything/get everything.

Plus everything else.

Sorry, a quick vent from me.

I was told it was in The Australian?


This is the thing that stumped me, but apparently I’m the only Victorian who couldn’t care less about the race hence why I’m not on my patriotic high horse.


Yes, you’re right… I don’t know WHY I thought the Herald Sun.


Except… you’re wrong :grin:

The only way it will EVER get the NRL Grand Final, which has the closest and most exciting GFs over the last 5 years, is if the Olympic Stadium gets redeveloped, and even then it would only be for a year perhaps.


As a Victorian I couldn’t give a shit


Am I? :wink: :smile:


We’ll see about the “sporting capital of Australia” Sydney :wink:. Melbourne would like a word!


Even as someone who’s arguably the biggest Sydneysider on Media Spy, I agree that your stadiums are better than ours. And that Melbourne is a bigger city for Sport than Sydney.

Personally, I think it’s a big waste of $2.3 billion when there are far bigger issues that need addressing in Sydney and NSW. It’s not as if Allianz and ANZ Stadiums are that old anyway, they were only first opened in 1988 and 1999 respectively. Maybe in 10-15 years time from now, consider an upgrade but not really necessary at the moment IMO.