Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


This waste makes my blood boil. Just goes to show how stupid and woefully out of touch NSW politicians are. Billions wasted to benefit a few while hospitals and schools are woefully underfunded. Funny how most things are user pays, such as toll roads, yet taxpayer money can be found to fund venues that should be being built by private enterprise.


To be honest the best stadium in Australia at the moment is in Perth. Due to open Very soon.


Nah still think the Adelaide Oval is


Suncorp shits all over any other stadium in terms of atmosphere.


Nah Perth’s got this… sorry Adelaide and Brisbane.


Looks like a generic modern stadium to be honest. Whereas Adelaide has the traditional scoreboard and a hill area. Plus I’m a big fan of the design of the grandstands.



I don’t see the point of replacing them with ones that are virtually the same capacity or even a bit less than the current ones.

About the only advantage with the Olympic stadium is that it will be a proper rectangular stadium, as the current one had to accommodate an athletics track for the Olympics. Still doesn’t look like it will have a roof over the playing field either ?

The AFL and cricket will have to make do with the SCG, which is where they belong IMO.


I’ve never thought Allianz and ANZ Stadiums were that bad?

I mean here in Perth despite the criticisms about the money invested in the new stadium, we really did need it. Subiaco Oval was practically falling apart and not at an international standard. While our Rectangular Stadium (NIB Stadium) is in better shape and does its job perfectly, it’s capacity is simply too small for any future major events.


I can’t understand why ANZ Stadium cannot be redeveloped in stages like the SCG and the MCG?


I’m guessing because they weren’t built in stages - both were built brand new from the ground up - so would be much harder to demolish just one section and redo just that bit for structural reasons.


Replacing SFS particularly doesn’t make much sense - especially when other than the Roosters, all Sydney NRL clubs either are using ANZ or have a fairly reasonably sized suburban ground. Anything that would push capacity at a 40k seat Rectangle should be at ANZ anyway, and a full 20-30k ground is a far better experience than a half empty 50k ground.

Sure the same applies to having a 40k match at a 75k stadium - but avoiding that once or twice a year isn’t worth the cost of a total replacement.

I certainly doubt they are doing this for Sydney FC fans.


The Waratahs use it for Super Rugby games too.

But yeah, doesn’t make much sense given it will be the same size as before.


The stadiums debacle makes my blood boil. The government are wasting so much money on basically improving the view from the seats.

In addition, Luke Foley, Labor opposition leader, supports knocking down Stadium Australia but not the SFS because “Western Sydney”. Fucking idiot. No wonder they’re unelectable.

Why not just keep BOTH of them as they are (or upgrade them at a considerably lower cost), as I’m sure most Sydneysiders want??? These stadiums probably comply with almost all modern safety and design standards, especially the Olympic stadium which was designed to handle massive crowds for the 2000 Olympics. Plus I’d imagine it has a great deal of historic relevance to Sydney, it being the centerpiece of one of the biggest events ever held in Sydney.

NSW Labor are clearly being massively influenced by their members representing socially conservative Western Sydney electorates and that’s why this idiot Foley (and his predecessor John Robertson who wrote a glowing reference for terrorist and murderer Man Monis) were nominated as party leaders. The Libs are getting more out of touch and appearing corrupt by the second, but that’s nothing compared to the incompetence and idiocy of NSW Labor.


Gerard Whateley interviewed CA CEO James Sutherland this morning and he wasn’t happy.

Saying NSW is favoring Rugby League over cricket (and he also said the AFL shares the same view).

Of which isn’t a problem in AFL markets, where CA use the same grounds (bar WACA - I believe soon to change with new stadium).

Though cricket rates higher in AFL states anyway and is based in Jolimont behind the MCG.

Interesting comments about the NSW Government from Sutherland though.


Yep, well said. If anything, the Olympic stadium probably should be heritage listed or something like that.

I’m personally not a big sports fan, neither do I think that ANZ Stadium is quite something that makes people think “Sydney” immediately like the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House. But somehow, I think I’d still be really angry if a stadium which has such a significant place in Sydney’s contemporary history was completely knocked down.


I didn’t think so either.

I hate where the stadiums were built. Allianz/SCG is too far from the city and ANZ Stadium is too far from anything.

Melbourne easily wins.


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The slippery slope has started?


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