Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry


I was already aware that the NSW Central Coast was included in the ABS’ definition of the Sydney metropolitan area, but I wasn’t so sure about Melbourne & Geelong.

What I’d be rather interested to know is if people who live on the Central Coast see their local area as being an extension of Sydney or if they’d prefer to separate themselves from the main metropolitan area of NSW.


What I don’t understand is why the Illawarra is NOT included in the Sydney data if the Central Coast is. I’d imagine the proportion of Illawarra residents commuting to Sydney is roughly similar to Central Coast residents commuting to Sydney.

And yes that Melbourne not including Geelong thing is silly, too.


Yes, Geelong has always been considered Melbourne’s biggest regional town (despite many calling it part of Melbourne, in day-to-day talk).

However, OzTam consider Geelong part of Melbourne’s catchment, for ratings.

Australia’s boundaries in various metrics is so confusing :thinking:


I think so far as Oztam are concerned that’s where the signal reaches. There were plans which have been discussed in another thread here about Geelong having it’s own television stations which never went ahead.


Will you tell me who and where and when?


I would call Geelong part of Melbourne in a similar way as to how Mandurah can be part of Perth and the Gold Coast can be part of Brisbane.


Sure, but I’d have to kill you :wink:


And while you are it, you could say Gosford and Wollongong are now part of Sydney.
And throw in Newcastle as well…

Uh, no thanks :stuck_out_tongue:



See, I would disagree about the Gold Coast and Wollongong.

And I thought Mandurah was a suburb of Perth LOL


Lots of people commute from the Gold Coast to Brisbane daily via either the M1 or the Gold Coast Line. It is very much a part of Brisbane’s metro area.


This is a conflicting one. you both are correct.

  • The Planning and Development Act 2005 defines the Perth metro area as ending at the City of Rockingham (the council directly north of the City of Mandurah).

  • The ABS includes Mandurah in the metro area.


Well, if Mandurah, Gold Coast are part of the metro areas of Perth and Brisbane, they shouldn’t need regional TV relays.


TV broadcast areas are not how urban areas are defined.


I think there should be some correlation though… if you’re in a “metro” area, you shouldn’t need regional TV.


The Gold Coast is entirely contained within the Brisbane TV broadcast licence area.


What does the commute from the Gold Coast to Brisbane take, on average? I’ve driven through a number of times, and it’s always seemed so congested around Eight Mile Plains, especially. I can’t imagine it’d be much fun doing it every day.


An hour by train and maybe 10 to 30 minutes more by car. Traffic can be real bad but I believe they have upgraded some of the freeway, especially around Eight Mile Plains.


Typical Melburnian or Sydney-sider

QLD has traffic? :thinking:


there’s the occasional hold up


Are you fucking serious right now?