Survivor (US)

“In the spirit of, sometimes letting the game be in the hands of the fans, I feel like — and there a couple of people from CBS right now going ‘Oh, my God, what is happening?’ — I feel like we should just commit and make this the moment where we decide that ‘Survivor 50 ‘will be returning players.”

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Survivor 46 is turning out to be the best season of the new era by a long shot. Pre-merge I wasn’t so sure but every episode since the merge has been amazing. It seems to be the consensus online too. It’s turned out to be great casting with good game players, villains, chaotic unpredictable tribals and crazy moments like the Liz breakdown this week. Excited to see how this plays out because it could go many different ways.

50 still seems so far away and was hoping one of the next two seasons would have returnee’s (nobody since 35 has really had a chance to play again, except Winners season). Also given that it would have been so long since we’ve had returnee’s and there has been so much hype about this returnee season that Jeff announced, I would actually love them to celebrate the 50 seasons over both seasons that year (49 and 50) with 2 returnee seasons. Do something like a Fans vs Faves for 49 (where they cast people from across all seasons as faves) and then they could do a Second Chances 2 for 50 (which can mostly be new era 41 onwards casting).

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This was definitely the biggest meltdown we’ve seen in a very long time (the only thing I can think of that comes close was Debbie in S34 Game Changers).

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Season 46 Final and Reunion

Thursday 23 May 10:00 am - 1:00pm AEST Live all markets 9Go!

Contestants face off in the final challenge to win a place in the grand finale.

One castaway will be crowned Sole Survivor in the Survivor Season 46 finale. All the castaways reunite to talk about their experience on Survivor 46.

Survivor 46 Finale 30 Second Promo #survivor #survivor46

— Anthony | (@anthonyd46) May 16, 2024

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I can’t believe that’s 4 people in a row now that have gone home with an Idol! Must be a record?

Also I think last night was the first time ever that they’ve shown every single vote (prior to Jeff reading them out).


Spoiler alert Chris! :laughing:

The show has aired here. No need for spoiler tags.

Only just, but ok…

Was joking BTW. Wasn’t expecting a terse response.

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A couple of thoughts on the finale. Liz would have to be the most delusional player ever on Survivor. They way she actually thought she was a certainty to win if only she had made the 3! The eye rolling of the jury was priceless, but she was completely clueless. Really don’t know how anybody can be that clueless about their own performance and others’ perception of them. Also apparently she lied about already being a millionaire because she wanted to reduce her “threat level” to others :roll_eyes:

Maria not voting for Charlie for the win. That was cold and a next level betrayal. Actually couldn’t stand her by the end, and loved how the two ganged up on her to win the immunity. It was like she felt entitled to it