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Thursday 18 February at 8.30pm

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, the 32nd season of the award-winning adventure reality series Survivor, premieres with a special 90-minute episode fast-tracked from America on Thursday, February 18, at 8.30pm on 9GO!

Filmed in Kaôh Rōng in Cambodia, the upcoming season is considered the most brutal ever and will feature three tribes of castaways, divided into “Brains” vs. “Brawn” vs. “Beauty” (a theme last seen in Season 28) competing for the million-dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Survivor: Kaôh Rōng will feature new twists, including a hidden immunity idol twist where two idols can combine to form one super idol that can be played after the votes are read.

The 18 castaways include US Big Brother contestant Caleb “Beast Mode Cowboy” Reynolds and former Boston Celtics NBA player Scot Pollard, plus a bounty hunter, an emergency room doctor, a 19-year-old college student and a 72-year-old former FBI agent.

The castaways will embark on the most gruelling 39 days in Survivor history and test whether brute strength, looks or smarts are the key attribute for capturing the title of Sole Survivor.

Meet the latest castaways competing to outwit, outplay and outlast to be crowned Sole Survivor.



Awesome that Go are straight onto it like the other recent seasons.

I remember watching Caleb on one of the US seasons of Big Brother (which is basically like survivor in a house) and he made it pretty far. I wonder if anyone on the show will recognise him from that.



Overall it was a good first episode. Clear tribe divisions like this always make it so much easier to follow and get to know the cast better in the first few episodes.

Last night was the complete opposite of the last BvBvB - the brains nailed it and the Brawns struggled. However there seemed to be some mismatches on the tribes. The blonde ditzy girl on Brawn was most definitely more suitable to beauty, and the gay Asian gardener guy on beauty would probably be more brawn (given he’s a gardener).

So good to see Caleb again after watching him on US Big Brother where he was big on strategy, and he’s good on the eye too :wink: I reckon he could do well but being known from another similar show (as big brother is all about strategy an voting each other out in the US) it will prob be his downfall.

So many people already struggling, you can tell its going to be very harsh season.



Yeah wasn’t a bad first ep.

LOL at the gardener digging up the trees in search of the idol - two minutes after telling us how he hates seeing nature ruined.

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It was a really good first episode. The tie at the beginning was interesting. It will make for an interesting season, it sure does look physically more exhausting than other seasons.



A good second episode as well. There are heaps of stand out characters. For me I’m really like the Asian guy (hilarious), Caleb (Hot and been a nice guy so far, very different to how he was on Big Brother) and Debbie (she’s crazy but good entertainment). The only thing that I don’t like about 3 tribe seasons is that it seems almost every time you have the one tribe that always constantly loses. This time (surprisingly) it’s the Brawn tribe.

That was an absolute perfect example of how someone can be no chance of being voted out but then shooting themselves in the foot. If you are considering making a move you have got to know how to bluff the other players and be willing to follow it through. If you change your mind fine, but don’t walk into tribal and reveal your counter plans. She deserved to go. Little blondie Alecia seems like that contestant on the bottom who manages to scrape through little cracks early on, and if she can survive until a tribe switch will probably make it pretty far into the game as won’t be perceived a threat.

I like the way Idol’s aren’t so easy to find these days as well, the whole concept that started last season where you can find a clue but you’ve got to do something extra to get it that can risk you getting caught. Asian guy climbing the tree was a laugh. I’m pretty sure the point of the thing he got was that you are meant to throw it up to try and knock the Idol down… not climb the tree. :joy:



Wow! We’ve never had an episode of Survivor like that before. 3 people requiring medical attention at the one challenge. It’s also the only time I can ever remember when they went to wide shots to show all the cameramen and crew and it seemed like a lot of people did not know what to do.

I was very sad to see Caleb leave the game that way. He had a lot of potential this season and was a strong mastermind on US big brother. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is asked back at some point.

I was annoyed to see Alecia go on the Brawn tribe as well. Those guys were complete and utter bullies to her. All she needed was to survive one more vote and make the tribe switch and could have made it far in the game.

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I can only remember a couple of time where you could see the camera people and that was during other emergencies when the only footage that they had had other cameras in shot; but never such wide shots. The brawn team just come across a massive bullies (based on the edit we have seen) so it was disappointing to see Alecia.

Still an under-appreciated show in Australia unfortunately.



Alecia should’ve been more clever with that idol clue. She should’ve just taken it and kept it to herself and she might still be in the game. It would’ve been great if she sent Scott home before her by playing an idol. That cheerleader put down he said to her during the challenge while he was sitting on his ass really made me angry.



Wasn’t she with Cydney when she found it? Plus at the time she seemed to have some trust with Cydney, based on the previous tribal changing the vote. I actually think Cydney is just sticking by the guys and will jump ship when a swap or merge comes around.



Not very revealing but interesting anyway.

Former Survivor contestant Stephen Fishbach spills show secrets

Quora session



Caught up with the latest episode last night. Really enjoying this season.



So last night we had our second medical evacuation of the season. It was a bit of a letdown that Neal left that way as it could have been a pretty explosive tribal council. It annoys me when these things happen (similar to people quitting in Nicaragua) because the course of the game can completely change because of it.

I kind of have a soft spot for Aubrey now. She seems like someone willing to play the game and fight for her spot, and she was definitely the one holding up the brains tribe. It seems as though the brains are going to be on the outer now but we all know Survivor and how quickly the minority can come straight back to the top. There is no way the beauties would be stupid enough to bring the two brawn guys much further. That would be plain dumb.



Best episode of the season and a real big move that was. I was getting more and more annoyed at how cocky and overconfident the likes of Nick and the two Brawn guys were so they got what they deserved. I wonder if Tai’s slip at tribal council regarding the Idol swayed Michele and Julia to vote that way? What a stupid thing to say as well regarding the Idol twist. Is Tai just plain stupid or did that just slip out? Regardless it shows that when it comes to strategy Tai is not a good ally to have!

It would be great to see the all girl alliance play out as we have a few strong contenders there, and I really don’t like the Brawn guys.



Yeah obviously cast to replicate the Dan/Other Arrogant Guy combo from the season filmed prior to this one. Wait for their obvious and humiliating downfall.



Another thing in regards to Tai and his strategy why the hell did he vote for Jason. Just seemed so random to me. Next week should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing the conversation between Cydney and Jason after that tribal.



Here’s an explanation to the vote. Basically what we didn’t see was that Tai was in an initial conversation with some of the girls about voting out one of the guys, and initially Jason’s name was pitched but then that changed to Nick which Tai wasn’t aware of.

[quote]During an exclusive interview with Nick on Thursday, the former Beauty tribe member explained why Tai voted for Jason.

“That was funny!” Nick said with a laugh.

“So here’s the thing. The idea was to vote for me after that [Immunity Challenge] because [Cydney Gillon] was pissed off at me for blowing her spot up with the potential girls-alliance thing happening. But [Michele Fitzgerald] and [Julia Sokolowski] didn’t want to vote me out.”

Nick continued, “So, in their mind, they kind of knew, hey, I was going to stick by them. So they pitched it to Cydney and pitched it to the Brains – and Tai was in that conversation – to vote out Jason.”

Nick thought there was a great chance he could work with Tai and the girls to take Jason out early.

“They were open to it! But eventually, Debbie said, ‘No, Joe’s not going to remember whom to vote for, so we have to stick with Nick.’ And I guess Tai didn’t wind up getting that piece of information that they were going to stick with Nick, so he wound up voting for Jason,” Nick explained to Reality TV World.

Read more at!-19595.php#w06AlftyFvjflFdV.99[/quote]



This is the one thing I am looking forward to on the Australian versions is that we should be able to see more footage of the scheming etc. The American version is very jam packed and rushed at times.



It depends what direction they take with the Australian version. The US version is very strategy focused these days… however I think to capture the Aussie audience they will need to have a lot of it very character driven and survival focused. I will be shocked if it is a very strategic focused game we get. It’s also good that we don’t see everything and makes the tribal councils a lot more exciting. Survivor thrives on it’s editing.



It does make tribals more exciting but we didn’t see anything about Jason at tribal or before tribal which would have made the tribal even more exciting.