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K-marts with cafes wow that takes me back to when I was in primary school. I remember in school holidays if Mum wanted to go shopping at K-mart, she would convince us to go because we got to go to the café whilst we were there,


The one I remember was outside Coles in Centro but that too went. The one at Bayside in Frankston remains however.

They tried a cafe at Target in Frankston (one of the biggest selling in Australia) but it failed and was removed.

Taking about “Supa”, Wendy’s *SupaSoft" was so good, chocolate soft serve! I think it was called “Chocollo” (you could also get a shake and in tub form) and was actually 99% fat free.


Yeah I remember that. I thought it was gross as a kid. Give me a sherbert covered soft serve any day.

Or a cup of Blue Lagoon.


I remember the Big W cafe in the Chullora store in western Sydney in the mid 80s. For some reason I loved going to the Big W cafe with my mum in the school holidays. I am not even sure why we went there as we lived in the Shire.

The food was so average but there was a certain excitement about the cafe.

The Chullora site had only two stores - a Woolworths Supermarket and the Big W. Now it has the entire Marketplace shopping centre.


There’s a Wendy’s at Central Mt Gambier which has been there for over 20 years, it’s still very popular. I normally go there every Monday for a Stawberry Thickshake & Hot Dog, it’s nice but it’s not really worth $9.90, but seeing the attractive chicks who work there makes it worth while. :grinning:


These didn’t necessarily fail, but were part of a new store concept that was abruptly canceled once Guy Russo took over the management of Target (along with a few other features that were unique to these concept stores, such as in store t-shirt Screen Printing and an expanded range of confectionery / food).


I don’t know what those are but they sound vile :nauseated_face:



In my case, the iceberg was usually blue.


Wendy’s even have a food truck, it was at Geelong White Night recently. It was very busy too.


They put a cafe into the recently renovated Chaddy store. Went within half a year.


@OnAir Ice bergs! Used to also like them.

Ah yes, of course. What was the guy who was Target MD before Russo expanded his role, but after the person that took Target to the heights of 2000s?

He was the one that implemented it and even had the publicity shoot at Frankston.


Target had Red Apple restaurants attached back in the 1970s/80s.


I think the Cafe in Kmart was more of a restaurant, called Holly’s I think?


In the cafe having a smoke. Different times…!


Looks as if it was taken yesterday. Nice that things like this are archived for the future generations to see :slight_smile:


Do you live in the 80s? :wink:


The only thing I liked about Holly’s were their Tropical Chicken Burgers & Milkshakes, the rest of the food were average. They used to use McCain Frozen Crinkle cut Chips.


I’m intrigued :thinking: Like a Red Rooster Tropicana box? (The best! The fritter :yum:)


I was never a fan of Holly’s. Always thought they were a rather down market version of the David Jones cafeteria my mother took me to when I was a kid.

Some Woolworths supermarkets had a cafeteria at the back of them in the 1970s. Food courts in shopping centres weren’t a thing until the 1980s. You were limited to a cafe or a milk bar/fish and chip shop within a shopping centre if you wanted to eat on a shopping trip.


The chips always looked good in the heater when I was a kid.